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Nov 20, 2018

Group Play: The Fleshlight Way

Group Play: The Fleshlight Way
When you are into group sex activities including swinging and orgies you can still benefit from the Fleshlight action that can make it even better. It might seem like group sex is the ultimate fantasy and that it doesn’t need any intervention from sex toys but here are some ways that you may not have thought of to make it even better.
1. The Odd Man Out
Sometimes group sex, unfortunately, features an odd number of people. That can work for some things like double penetration or spearing a chick between two rods, but other times there’s no space and a guy has to sit out for a few minutes. In that case, he can use a Fleshlight to keep himself up and running while all the hot action continues. If you’re the odd man out there’s no reason for that to be awkward, it just has to be brought into the sexy fray in a whole new way.
2. The Voyeur
When it comes to group sex some people don’t like to participate, but they do like to watch, however, standing there with your dick in your hand just doesn’t do it quite all the way for many people involved. Well, bring your Fleshlight the next time you want to go into the sex party and just sit on the side and watch. You can feel good and get pleasure even if you don’t walk to anyone the whole evening! Remember, voyeurism is participation!
3. The Cuckold / Hotwife Scenario
Cuckolding is a hot situation in which a guy gets off on being submissive to his woman. She goes out and fucks whoever she wants, and he maybe gets to masturbate in the corner if he’s lucky. Well, if you are a cuckold mistress, get your subby a Fleshlight for those special times when you let him get off. A hotwife situation is similar but somewhat opposite. In this situation, a husband thinks his wife is so hot that he lines up guys for her to fuck. If you’re the hubby, use a Fleshlight to get off while your wife gets plowed!

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