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Girl Chat with Violet Myers

Welcome to a brand new episode of "Girl Chat," where we sit down with one of our Fleshlight Girls to ask them about their best tips on all things dating and sex for women. Today's article connects us with one of the world’s most popular stars, the voluptuous Violet Myers!

Violet Myers

With her big dark eyes, enormous natural breasts, and exaggeratedly curvy Japanese hentai porn girl figure, it's easy to understand why Violet Myers is one of the adult industry's fastest-rising stars today.

Who Is Violet Myers?

Wonderfully pronounced in all the right places, this half-Latina, half-Turkish pornstar was born in Los Angeles, California, in February of 1997. 

Violet Myers started gaining online popularity while still a college student, regularly posting seductive photos and steamy video content and gaining legions of adoring fans in the process.

After graduating with a clinical psychology degree, Violet knew she was at a crossroads – pursue a "real job" or capitalize on her carefully curated personal brand. 

Choosing the latter, Ms. Myers posted a Tweet that would change the course of her life forever: 

"I want to be a pornstar."

violet myers pornstar

Shortly after that, Ms. Meyers was recruited and began to shoot scenes with some of the top production studios in the adult entertainment space.

Today, with multiple AVN Fan Award nominations, a massive social media following, and millions of views across her ever-growing library of online pornography, it's impossible to ignore Violet's enormous influence on the industry.

Let's now check out what this Fleshlight Girl had to share with us in our most recent one-to-one interview.

Girl Chat with Violet Myers

Tip #1 Maintain a Healthy PH 

So, the first tip I would give all my girls is to keep a healthy PH balance. I would recommend boric acid. I know many people don't know about it, but some do. It's easy – you can just go to Amazon or Target to get boric acid.

What it does is it levels out your personal PH levels. 

I love creampies. So, whenever I do anything sexual, I like to pop a little boric acid inside me and make sure I wear a tampon or something like the day after. 

If you do it overnight and then it cleans out everything. You feel fresh, it feels good, and it keeps it nice and tasty.

I have never had any complaints. 

Tip #2 Consume Aloe Vera Juice

My second tip is to drink aloe vera juice. I started drinking aloe vera juice mainly because I'm not too fond of drinking juice or soda. 

Aloe vera juice has a lot of benefits. It cleans out your body, and it helps me with my acne, too. You can get it anywhere, literally at any store or even online. 

And it keeps everything really clean on both the inside and outside of your body.

Tip #3 Get Into Lymphatic Massage

I know us girls, a lot of us, deal with IBS. I always say that I feel like hot girls have stomach issues. 

Because of this, I would recommend getting regular lymphatic massages. I do them twice a month, sometimes just once a month. So it depends on how I'm feeling. They can be very relaxing.

The whole point of a lymphatic massage is that it drains everything. Women bloat a lot, so I sometimes feel so fat before getting a lymphatic massage. 

But after getting one, you're like, "Oh my God. I actually feel really good now." 

Even though they're massaging you on your outside, they're pushing everything around internally – in your stomach, your legs – you feel so good (when it's over).

You don't need to get surgery to do anything like that. 

You can just go there and book an appointment for a lymphatic massage. It'll help you with constipation or just bloating. And since I deal with both regularly, I would 100% recommend it. 

And with that, we conclude this month's segment of Girl Chat. Thank you so much for tuning in!

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