Girl Chat with Vina Sky

Girl Chat with Vina Sky

Welcome to another segment of Girl Chat, where one of our adorable Fleshlight Girls gives their most useful tips to women worldwide. 

In today's post, we meet with the cute and charismatic Vina Sky. Check out the interview below, or just continue reading for a breakdown of what she had to say during our recent time together.

Tip #1: Hygiene

I would say that hygiene is essential. You've got to, you know, spread (I wish I had a Fleshlight right now), but you got to spread that lip in-between and get in there. 

You know, you've got to clean that out. I mean, don't overdo it, okay? (laughter)

I don't want somebody to watch this and be like Vina told me to get in there. 

Tip #2: Don't Overclean Yourself

But, don't overdo it!

Don't put soap down there or (other) scented things. Because, first off, anything scented, whether it's that cute bath bomb maybe with glitter in it or a scented pussy spray or whatever.

Whoever is selling something to you should never purchase anything that is scented or anything that will irritate you. 

That way, you're not putting yourself at risk of overdoing anything and possibly causing any irritation. 

That is definitely something to keep in mind. 

Tip #3: Don't Be Afraid of Anal

I used to be scared of anal before porn, and now I'm an anal queen. So really, it's not bad. You just have to mentally get past the first step of "ow, it hurts, and I feel like I have to shit right now." 

Once you get past that pain, it's pleasurable. Trust me. 


I hope all of these tips were useful for you. I know they work for me, so hopefully, they work for you, too! Thank you so much for tuning in to this little segment of Girl Chat.

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