Girl Chat with Riley Reid

Girl Chat with Riley Reid


In today’s blog post, we present our latest segment of “Girl Chat” with Riley Reid. 
As you might have noticed in some of her videos, Riley loves the ladies as much as she loves men. Here she shares her best advice on self-love and sexual empowerment for all women. 

Here below, we’ve also included our video interview with the adorable Riley Reed.


Tip #1: Put Yourself Out There

Riley begins by encouraging girls to “be vulnerable” and “put yourself out there and allow opportunities to happen.” 

Riley says, “It's okay for you to be the aggressor.” 

“I don't necessarily think that girls should wait for the guy to text her or play all these like silly, stupid games. If you want it, fucking go after it. There's nothing wrong with being a hunter.” 

This tip comes as no surprise given that Riley is known for being a more aggressive girl in the majority of her scenes. 

Bottom Line: You don’t always have to fall into the traditional, submissive, female role.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and take risks.

Tip #2: Brush Your Tongue 

According to Riley Reid, “One of my pet peeves is when either I'm going down on a girl or sharing a dick with a girl and she doesn't brush her tongue.” 

So, ladies, make sure you brush your teeth and your tongue. 

“Brush it good. Have it as pink as your pussy. Nobody likes gross breath.”

Tip #3: Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Although she doesn’t recommend you force yourself to “do anything that doesn't come naturally to you,” she believes that girls and women today feel that they have certain expectations placed over them, saying they need to “be a certain way.” 

While she’s for women “getting things done to their bodies and whatnot,” she simply believes that women should “feel comfortable in their own skin and just be their natural selves.” 

In many cases, this means to not wear any makeup, having messy hair, any wearing comfy clothes instead of feeling pressure to constantly do more.  

“You'd be surprised at how many guys actually love a girl who's just totally happy being herself.”

Tip #4: Be Confident in Your Sexuality 

When it comes to your sexuality, Riley advises girls to “be confident in whatever sexuality you have. Don't be afraid to express it to your partners, your friends, your lovers.” 

She stresses that because there are so many types of sexuality out there, a lot of girls are a little bit shy and intimidated when it comes to fully expressing themselves. 

Reed passionately ends with this message:

“It's OK to be bold and confident and express what you're really interested in. Maybe hit on the girl at the bar, if that's what you want to do because she'll probably like it and want to go home with you.”

Remember: Be bold. Be confident.

Tip #5: Self-Affirmations 

Riley wraps up her Girl Chat by focusing on self-love. 

“Always remind yourself and tell yourself how beautiful, special, and loved you are.” 
According to Reed, “One of my favorite things to do, as corny as it is, is I love to hug myself because I give myself the best hugs.” 

Besides hugs, she encourages girls (and everyone, really) to, “tell yourself how proud of you are and fucking write little love notes to yourself because you are beautiful.”

If you take one thing away from this chat, make it this: Always love yourself. You are your own most important person. Don't forget that. 

We here at Fleshlight hope you've enjoyed this segment of Girl Chat with Riley Reid. Stay tuned to the FleshLife blog for future posts and videos!

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