Girl Chat with Mia Malkova

Girl Chat with Mia Malkova


Welcome to another segment of Girl Chat, where our Fleshlight Girls give experienced, womanly advice to women all over the world. In today’s post, we meet with the voluptuous Mia Malkova.

Watch the interview below or simply continue reading for a breakdown of what he to say during our stint together

Tip #1: Baby Yourself

During our conversation, Mia Malkova first focused on the importance of “pampering yourself and taking time just for you.” She believes that whenever possible, all ladies should take the time to focus on themselves. To do this, one should not take very good care of your body, but your mind, too. And, of course, “you should relax.” 

Tip #2: Shaving Downstairs

This is an exceedingly important topic for women all over the globe and Mia chimes in here with a helpful “Girl Chat” tip. 

“If you have a bush, you want to shape it, right? The way that I do it is I use the littlest razor that I can find. And I only go by the edges, taking off a little bit at a time.” 

Mia is personally a big fan of rocking a bush and claims that it “helps prevent you from getting razor burned” if you maintain it often enough.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Move On

Next, Mia Malkova goes on to discuss the importance of taking a hint whether it’s when meeting a new guy or in a long-term relationship: 

“If a guy is not acting interested in you, it’s time to move on. You want somebody who shows interest.” 

We couldn’t agree more. When it comes to relationships, you deserve you to be happy. Make sure when you’re with someone, the level of interest is reciprocated.

Tip #4: Combat Yeast Infections

If you’re like many women, you get your occasional yeast infection. If they’re more frequent than normal, Mia recommends “something that's really helped me is boric acid suppositories.”

These are all-natural and can be purchased over-the-counter.

Bottom-Line: Keep an eye on your lady parts and make sure to stay healthy downstairs!

Tip #5: Do Anal The Right Way

When it comes to anal, it’s no secret that Mia Malkova is somewhat of an expert in this category.

Here, she gives three simple tips for women who want to give it a go.

First, “If you're going to try anal sex with your partner for the first time, I recommend that your partner goes very, very, very slowly.” 

Your backdoor isn’t used to anything entering it (yet) so you need to make sure he’s not hurting you during this first experience.

Second, “use as much lube as you possibly can.” 

Again, this is to ensure that neither you or your partner are hurting yourselves and also it will add to the enjoyment of this first go-around.

Third, “of course, make sure you’re turned on first.” 

This should go without saying. Sex, in general, is MUCH better experienced when you and your partner are fully turned on. There’s no need to force this experience. Ensure that it’s authentic and initiated out of a true desire for one another!

Well, that’s a wrap. We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of Girl Chat! Make sure to check out Mia Malkova’s new, wildly popular pussy and butt Fleshlights here!

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