Girl Chat with Luna Star

Girl Chat with Luna Star

Welcome back to another segment of "Girl Chat," where we sit down with one of your favorite Fleshlight Girls to ask them about their best tips on all things dating and sex for women. Today's article connects us with one of the industry's most desired Latina performers – Luna Star!

Luna Star

A busty, big booty mamacita with an on-screen presence only a few can bring, Luna's personality, smarts, and natural charisma also have contributed hugely in her success as an adult film star.

Who Is Luna Star?

A sexy full-assed Latina, Luna Star is many men's (and some women's) "go-to" porn girls for a good reason. She truly has it all: a toned fit body, voluptuous curves, and a great open mind and fun-loving personality.

In addition to these features, her tan skin, sexy foreign accent, and mischievous smile make her one of today's most irresistible adult stars.

It may come as a surprise, but despite her voluminous 36C bosom and thick rear, Luna Star is on the smaller side, measuring just 5 ft 4 inches (162 cm) and under 110 lbs. 

Luna Star Booty

After finishing high school in her native country, Luna Star headed to Miami to pursue the traditional life that family and society expected of her - college, job, and (eventually) family. However, her plans soon changed as she realized she was destined for bigger (and harder) things. 

In 2012, Luna popped her porn cherry, signing on with and shooting her first hardcore scene with adult film studio MOFOS. Over a decade later, Luna Star has worked for a wide array of premier porn studios such as Hustler, Brazzers, and Naughty America.

Unsurprisingly, Luna Star has locked down various industry awards and nominations for her adult film performances, including "Female Performer of the Year" and "Best Butt."

Now, without further ado, let's sit down with Ms. Star for a one-on-one "Girl Chat" interview, where she'll share her top life hacks for her female audience.

Girl Chat with Luna Star


Tip #1: Use Aloe Vera

Everybody always asks me how I look better now than when I was younger. One of the biggest secrets I share with everybody is Aloe Vera.

I love it so much! 

It's the best moisturizer. 

It's the best feeling for the skin. 

And it's natural Botox.

I recommend it.

Tip #2: Don't Waste Mental Energy

Stop giving a fuck about stuff that doesn't matter. 

Nothing matters - life keeps going.

Whenever you think you have a problem or are involved in a bad situation, think about if it's going to be a problem in 10 years. 

It's going (to likely) not even going to matter anymore. 

If you must, fix the problem. Do what you have to do. Keep moving forward, but never get stuck in a feeling that it's going to take four to six years for you to heal from. 

Instead, just learn how to let go and move on. You don't have to heal everything. You don't have to fix everything.

Tip #3: Try Juicing 

There's so much you can do to heal yourself. One of the reasons I love juicing is that you can get so many nutrients at a cellular base to feed your body from the inside.

And then once you feed it and start feeling good, you will never want to go back, I promise you. 

Little by little, you start changing your diets or changing your stuff to be a healthy person. And at the end of the day, we want to feel healthy, grow, and not have problems.

Thank you for tuning into another segment of Girl Chat. Make sure to check out Luna Star's replica Fleshlights as well as our entire lineup of women's sex toys here!

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