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Girl Chat with Kenzie Reeves

Welcome to another segment of Girl Chat, where we interview one of our hottest Fleshlight Girls and ask for their most useful tips for women all across the globe.

In today's post, we meet with the cute and charismatic Kenzie Reeves. Check out the video interview below, or continue reading for a look at what she had to say during our recent chat.

Hi, this is Kenzie Reeves, and you're watching Girl Chat. 

Tip #1: Pack Wisely 

My first tip is if you have a photoshoot or a scene, pack various outfits to make it easier on yourself and the director. 

Always individually bag each outfit!


I'm telling you, you will thank yourself on set later. 

Tip #2: Block New Partners on Social Media

Another tip would be when you first start dating somebody is always to block them on social media. 

You don't want to make yourself mad when you're a little wine drunk, and you're going through his likes. 

You don't want that. 

You guys are new, wait until you build that trust and foundation. 

This is a good tip if you are like me and have those issues. 

Side Note: I once broke up with my boyfriend because he went to a strip club on the video game Grand Theft Auto. True story. 

I'm cool. I'm so cool now, but I wasn't at the time. 

Tip #3: Don't Starve Yourself Before Anal

And then my last one, I'm saving the most savory for anal. 

Do not starve yourself. Don't do it.  

I literally could never do it.


I love butt stuff, and I do it all the time, but I could never not eat for it. 

So ladies, take an Imodium. Clean yourself out really well, and you'll be Gucci. 

Also, don't push out.

These have been some Girl Chat tips from Kenzie. 

I hope all of these tips were useful for you. Thank you so much for tuning in to this little segment of Girl Chat.

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