Girl Chat with Ana Foxxx

Girl Chat with Ana Foxxx

​​Welcome to another segment of Girl Chat, where we sit down with one of porn's finest girls and get them to share their most valuable tips with women everywhere, all across the globe.

In today's article, we meet with the gorgeous and charismatic ebony Fleshlight Girl Ana Foxxx. 

But First, Who Is Ana Foxxx? 

Sweet, fun, and outgoing, Ana was born and raised in California and grew up always knowing she wanted to perform for audiences, even if she had no idea exactly how that would play out. 

If this is your first time laying your eyes on Ana Foxxx, you might be wondering if you've laid your sights on a supermodel. 

If so, you wouldn't be far off. 

Modeling is essentially how this adult star began her wildly successful career in porn!


Before ever shooting her first scene, Ana Foxxx worked briefly as a runway model after being approached by an agent in her local grocery store. Shortly after that, she had multiple offers from various porn studios, eventually resulting in her filming her first-ever hardcore scene for Reality Kings in 2011. 

The tall (5 feet and 9 inches) and slim brunette impressed the producers, and soon she was filming explicit porn for many other big names like Bang Bros, Naughty America, Porn Pros, and many more. 

Now, without further ado, let's check out what Ms. Foxxx had to say during our most recent one-on-one interview.

Tips for Dicks with Ana Foxxx

Tip #1

Always look at your girlfriend's makeup bags. 

Why not? 

There's glitter and good things. You might find a new brand of eyeliner you never even heard about. 

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Tip #2

Moisturize and hydrate. We all like looking nice. It gives you a glow. And that way you can hide all your secrets. No one will know what's going on if you're moisturized.


Tip #3

I don't know… (laughter)

I feel like your girls already know what's going on, so keep being awesome! 

Tip #4

Use flavored lube when you're trying to impress somebody inside your vagina. 

They'll never know that it's not the pineapple juice you haven't been drinking. 

I hope all of these tips were useful for you. I know they work for me, so hopefully, they work for you, too! 


Thank you so much for tuning in to this little segment of Girl Chat.

If you love Ana Foxxx's drop-dead gorgeous looks and bubbly personality as much as we do, we bet you want to experience here on a more intimate level, too. 

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