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Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Nikki Benz

Welcome to an all-new edition of Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls, where we sit down with one of today's hottest pornstars for an exclusive, one-on-one interview, learning all about them in the process. 

Today we connect with one of the hottest stars in the industry – Nikki Benz

A platinum blonde bombshell, Nikki has been turning male fans on for over a decade with her wild on-screen sexcapades. 

Nikki Benz Tits

With her tight body, porn-perfect tits, and willingness to give it her all in every scene, it's clear why she continues to maintain her place as one of the adult industry's top talents.

Who is Nikki Benz?

Born in Ukraine, Nikki Benz later immigrated to Toronto, Canada, at a young age. Upon graduating from high school, Nikki got a job both as a stripper and swimsuit model to begin saving for law school. Then, one day, after being contacted by a persuasive representative in the adult film industry, Nikki agreed to schedule her first shoot. 

Nikki BenzToday, Nikki Benz fulfills the "big tits" fantasy for men all across the globe. With her trademark 34DD breasts, Nikki is a true titty fucking pro. And, for you "ass men" out there, you'll be happy to know that this beauty also has a voluptuous ass to pair with her trademark features.

Ms. Benz filmed her first adult film in 2003. She has since gone on to have an incredible career, winning and receiving nominations amongst the most prestigious awards in the adult industry.

Lucky for us, Nikki claims she isn't ready to give up the porn star life any time soon. So, let's see what she had to share with us in our most recent interview together.

Getting Closer to Nikki Benz


What has been your favorite experience so far as a Fleshlight Girl?

I mean, today's photoshoot has been lovely and freaking awesome. I'm so excited to shoot new content finally. 

I know we've got to keep this PG-13. But the day I got molded, it was pretty amazing. I've never experienced that before, so going through the whole process was incredible.

Have you ever used your Fleshlight on a guy? 

The answer is yes, I have. 

Nikki Benz FleshlightI used it with my then-boyfriend, and he loved it. 

Do you have a celebrity crush? 

It was Angelina Jolie (not Brad Pitt) and Johnny Depp back in the day. But now I'm not really into them. I don't think I have a celebrity crush anymore. 

That makes me sad. I need a new one. 

What would be your ideal date? 

Honestly, I'm very laid back at home. Like I don't want to get too dressed up. I don't want to get all fancied out. 

If we can just come over to my house and order from one of my favorite restaurants, get some nice Italian food, some wine, watch a movie, and then... 

If it's really good wine... 

You're going to get a really good night. 

Do you know what I'm saying? 

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 

I love dogs. I'm a dog person, and I have two Pomeranians. And they're the most precious, vivacious, loyal, friendly things ever. 

Pomeranian Dog

I think I would want to be a Pomeranian. But I would have to belong to a really wealthy family – I'd like to be a Pomeranian with a wealthy ass family and get all the spoils. 

We hope you've had a blast getting to know pornstar and Fleshlight Girl Nikki Benz. Experience her like never before possible with her incredible Fleshlight sensations, "MVP" and "Reign," here today!

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