Getting to Know Kira Noir

Getting to Know Kira Noir

Welcome to another segment of Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls, where we sit down with one of today's hottest pornstars for an exclusive, one-on-one interview, learning all about them in the process. 

Today we connect with one of today's hottest stars, Kira Noir.

With her incredible body, stunning smile, and wonderfully down-to-earth personality, she's an absolute dream girl for millions of men (and women) all across the globe. 

Who is Kira Noir?

Born in San Marino, California, in 1994, Kira Noir was a self-proclaimed "nerd" in high school – heavily involved in activities such as theater and color guard.

Despite her lack of dates and interaction with boys, Kira would regularly watch porn, masturbating almost daily as she fantasized about all of the things she wanted to try one day.


After graduating high school, Kira let her inner sexual desires take control, guiding her forward towards her destiny. In doing so, she headed to St. Louis, Missouri, where she began her career as a performer, stripping at The Hustler Club. 

Here, she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the adult industry. At this stage in her career, Kira has worked for some of the industry's top studios and has secured numerous prestigious awards and nominations in the process.

Getting Closer to Fleshlight Girl Kira Noir

Why did you want to become a Fleshlight Girl?

I've wanted to be a Fleshlight Girl because they are the absolute best brand for personalized custom pussies. I am just so happy that I'm going to be getting a super detailed mold, not only my pussy, but my butt, too! 

And, I get to pick the names for the sleeves and the textures inside. 

I hear that it feels the best for dicks; I almost wish I had one to know exactly how it felt. 

What would be your ideal date? 

My ideal date would be staying at home and binge-watching some amazing show or dressing up to go out to a dive bar or other place where people don't usually dress all fancy. 

Would you date someone who slid into your DMs?

Yes, I would date somebody that would slide into my DMs. I'm currently dating somebody who slid into my DMs on Tik Tok. 

So, yes. 

What would be the title of your autobiography?

My autobiography would be called: 

"How Tumblr is a Slippery Slope into Being a Pornstar."


Which mainstream star needs a Fleshlight?

If we're talking about mainstream celebrities that would absolutely kill it in the personal molded toy game, I'd have to say…

Rihanna, I know it's not your brand, but would you please consider it, even just a mold of your boobs? 

I would, if I could, have a silicone mold of your chest, just put it on my wall in a beautiful frame to be able to grab it whenever I wanted.

That would be amazing!

What would be your new career in witness protection?

If I had to go into witness protection and choose a whole new identity, I would love to shave my head and get into tattooing and be absolutely blasted in tattoos. 

I'd help other people come up with really weird, crazy tattoos to put on themselves. I feel like I wouldn't be recognized very well (that way).

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

If I were an animal, I would like to be a cat. And that's because people are really nice to cats, even if the cats aren't nice to people back.

 I love dogs, and dogs are my favorite animal. 

But if I were an animal, I would like to be kind of an animal that can knock stuff off the counter and still be called cute. 

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Kira Noir. If you want to get even closer to her, you will be blown away by the incredible sensation of her true-to-life, replica Fleshlights, "Bewitched," and "Spellbound," available here, only at 

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