Getting to Know Kendra Sunderland

Getting to Know Kendra Sunderland

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Welcome to an all-new segment of "Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls," where we sit down with one of today's hottest pornstars for an exclusive one-on-one interview. 

In today's interview, we connected with busty blonde bombshell, Kendra Sunderland, aka "Library Girl."

First, Who Is Kendra Sunderland? 

Born on June 16, 1995, in Salem, Oregon, Kendra Sunderland was recognized as a bright kid, excelling as a student.

Although she planned on becoming an accountant during her first year of college, it didn't take long for her to begin the pursuit of a more "alternative" style of career.

Kendra Sunderland

In 2015, while still a college student, Sunderland decided to profit from her incredibly sexy and young, perfect body. Her first step in accomplishing this goal was simple: sign up for a webcam porn site. 

After several months of "camming" in her bedroom, one of her top fans suggested she perform discreetly in public places. After consideration, Kendra decided on Oregon State's library as her go-to spot. Here, she exposed her breasts and masturbated vigorously on camera for her paying customers to enjoy.

As you might have guessed, it didn't take long for one of her horny fans to record her in the act and upload it to PornHub, where it instantly went viral. In no time, she was an online porn sensation known by the nickname "Library Girl."

Kendra Sunderland Library Girl

Upon receiving news of Ms. Sunderland's sexcapades, OSU immediately expelled Kendra and banned her from campus. The cam website also banned her, forcing her to pay a fine for indecent exposure. 

However, despite the blowback from her risqué performances, she was now making more money than most recent college graduates. Moreover, she also had multiple job offers from some of the biggest studios in the adult industry.

At this point, Kendra decisively chose to move her life out to Los Angeles, California, to embrace a professional career in the adult industry. 

Here, Kendra Sunderland partnered with Vixen porn studios in 2016 and was named the Vixen Angel of the Year in 2017. Then, in 2018, she went on to win the "Best Tits" award at 2018's Pornhub award show.

Now, keep reading to learn even more about our naughty "library girl" in our most recent sit-down interview.

Getting to Know Kendra Sunderland

What has been your favorite experience as a Fleshlight Girl?

My favorite experience as a Fleshlight Girl (so far) has definitely been giving my Fleshlight to people as gifts. 

Whenever I go on a podcast or anything, I always give it to them because it's the gift that keeps on giving. 

Have you ever used your Fleshlight on a guy?

Yes, I have used my Fleshlight on a guy before. I was on a podcast, and they wanted to do something called "Blow Yoki" where they try and sing karaoke songs while getting a blow job. 

Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight Girl

I didn't want to give the guy a blow job, so I used my Fleshlight instead, and it worked out perfectly. 

Would you ever date someone that slid into your DMs? 

I would 100% date someone that slid into my DMs. It doesn't matter to me how I find my Mr. Right. So if you're out there, you can try sliding into my DMs.

It might work. 

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

If I was an animal, I would probably be a red panda because it's my favorite animal. And they’re super playful and super adorable, just like me. 

Which mainstream star needs a Fleshlight?

A mainstream star that I think should have a Fleshlight would probably be Cardi B because I think she could sell the crap out of it. Also, she would be a really fun person to have on the Fleshlight team. 

What would be your new career in witness protection?

If I was in witness protection and needed a new career, I would probably be a janitor or something where I wear baggy clothes and you can't see my boobs. 

And with that, we conclude today's edition of "Getting to Know the Fleshlight Girls." If you crave Kendra on a deeper level, get inside her ultra-realistic lady Fleshlight "Angel" today!

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