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Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Stoya


In today’s segment of “Getting to Know the Fleshlight Girls,” we get up close and personal with the tall, gorgeous, and mysterious Stoya for a one-on-one interview. In our chat together, we had the chance to see what she’s like offset, as a real person, and learn a bit about her personal life.

Our stunningly beautiful Fleshlight Girl became the notorious star that she is today by taking a longer road to the adult industry than many other girls in the adult entertainment industry. 

At just 19, Stoya began posing nude for artistic work as a side job which eventually led to “alt-erotic” modeling work. It was during this time that she made a branding decision that would affect her for years to come as she took on the name “Stoya.”

Slowly but surely, Stoya established herself in the BDSM, fetish, and alt markets with softcore porn efforts. Finally, guys got what they wanted when she finally worked her way into the world of hardcore porn in 2007.

Since 2010, Stoya has been consistently one of the popular Fleshlight Girls. Let’s see what she had to say in our exclusive interview earlier this year.

The Stoya Fleshlight Interview


What’s Your Favorite Part About Being a Fleshlight Girl? 

“I've been working with them for 10 years and they've been great and incredibly respectful this whole time. Not to say that this is rare in the adult industry, but in entertainment in general (it can be). When I think of Fleshlight, I think, ‘gosh, those are such nice people.’”

Would You Date Somebody Who Slid into your DM’s? 

“I have dated people who slipped into my DMs. It works out for a while and sometimes it turns out that they're not quite seeing you as a person. Pretty much like any interaction for any woman.”

What Would the Title of Your Autobiography Be? 

“I wrote a memoir called Philosophy, Pussycats, and Porn. It's probably the closest I'm going to get to a biography for a long time.”


If You Could Be Any Animal What Would it be? 

“If I were an animal I would be a cat because...I like warm places. I like lounging on warm things. I have been known to rub my cheekbones on people affectionately. Also, I have spent like literally 15 years trying to roll an ‘r’ and now I can kind of do it, ‘rrrrrr.’” 

What Celebrity Needs a Fleshlight? 

“I feel like Angelina Jolie would be a really good candidate. You know, she does all sorts of things. She's a well-rounded woman. A lot of the Fleshlight Girls are like entrepreneurs, directors, or writers in addition to their porn career. I feel like she'd fit right in.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of “Getting to the Know the Fleshlight Girls,” but don’t stop here. Stoya’s Fleshlights are amongst some of the most popular we’ve ever created. 

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