Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Romi Rain

Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Romi Rain


In this week’s segment of “Getting to Know the Fleshlight Girls,” we connect with the charming and sexually explosive Romi Rain for a one-on-one interview. In our sit-down, we chat about everything from her experience as a Fleshlight Girl to her dating and sex life outside of porn. 

Although originally known for her work in girl-on-girl scenes, she has also appeared on screen with many of the hottest male stars in the industry today.
In her earlier years, Romi’s love of dance combined with her stunning good looks led her to work as an exotic dancer in some of the hottest men’s clubs. It was here where she honed her natural charm, developing an ability to intuitively know how to give men exactly what they most desire. 

From here, she worked her way into cam modeling, and eventually, when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped to Playboy Live. This opened up a pathway to the lucrative and esteemed position in the adult industry that she holds today.

Romi Rain started her adult film career in 2012 and quickly gained fame after appearing in hits like “First Prince 2” and “Romi Rain: Darkside,” which featured her first anal scene and an interracial scene.

In 2016, she picked up an XBIZ Award for her role in the film “My Sinful Life,” which also starred Riley Reid. Her beautiful body, sumptuous breasts, perfectly round ass, and girl next door charm explain why fans find her so endearing.

Let’s see what she had to say in her exclusive Fleshlight interview filmed earlier this year.


What’s Your Favorite Part About Being a Fleshlight Girl?

“To be honest, it's really cool to get a bunch of messages from people saying, ‘Hey, I just had sex with your pussy. It was amazing! ‘And they’re all on different sides of the country and world, too. I’m like “Aww, thank you. I feel so much closer to you now.

“So, it's really cool. I feel like I'm bringing people together with my vagina.”

Would You Date Someone Who Slid Into Your DMs?

“I don't know, I mean I've had some interesting people slide into my DMs. And I understand, like how do you get in touch with somebody any other way? We're living in a social media era. They have to slide into your DMS (to get to know you). It’s kind of like the new ‘meeting at a bar.’

“But. it depends. Maybe not if they’re ‘fanboying’ like, ‘oh my god’... 
“Wait. I take that back. You can DM me and say that I'm amazing and you want to lick my feet. That's totally fine.

“It depends um I have yet to date somebody who slid into my DMs. I think I'm just spoiled. 

“I have like a Rolodex of like the best porn stars in the world on my phone. So, if I'm kind of bored and I want to have sex with somebody I can just like flip it up and say, ‘Hey, Abigail like you want to get some of this?’ And she’d be like, ‘Yeah.’
“I'm spoiled. I'd rather go through my phone and hit up the best dick and pussy in the world.”


If You Could Be Any Animal What Would You Be?  

“If I were an animal, I'd be something in the feline family. I have a lot of cats on me (tattoos) so I’m big on that…

“I always say my power animal is a tiger, but I would say mostly because they're solitary animals but they're very powerful, a little bit aggressive, beautiful and they don't fuck with you unless you fuck them. I could tear you limb from limb but man, isn't my fur pretty?” 

What Celebrity Needs a Fleshlight?

“I would love it if Scarlett Johansson or somebody got their vagina or boobs molded. I mean, she has one of the greatest racks in Hollywood.
“Hmm, who's known for having like a ‘prized pussy?’

“Rihanna whoo yeah I'd stick my fingers in Rihanna's…. Fleshlight.” 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of “Getting to the Know the Fleshlight Girls,” with Romi Rain. If you want to get even closer, pick up her Fleshlight for an experience unlike any you’ve ever felt before.

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