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Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Nikki Delano

Welcome to another segment of Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls where we sit down with one of our Girls for an exclusive, one-on-one interview to learn more about who they are and what they’re into. 

In today’s interview, we’re talking with the feisty Latina sensation, Nikki Delano


Hailing from Brooklyn and growing up in a predominantly Puerto Rican household, this blonde bombshell is one of those women who drives other girls wild with envy. 

Her pretty little blue eyes have a look of trouble in them and rightfully so because she is often up to no good. Nikki is a naughty lady who doesn’t care about any rules. 

Nikki is known for her saucy attitude, curvy yet tiny body, and huge perky tits that bounce up and down when she’s in XXX action. 

Simply put, if she wants a man she is probably going to have him - end of story.

As far as her career is concerned, to date Ms. Delano has worked for countless major studios like Brazzers and won many awards like “Best Latino Performer” in 2012, “Best Ass” in 2013, and “Best Butt” in 2014.

Nikki Delano loves what she does and it shows both on set and off. Keep reading to check out our exclusive sit-down interview where we learned a bit more about this seductive Fleshlight Girl. 

Why Did You Want to Be a Fleshlight Girl?

Being a Fleshlight Girl in the adult industry is an honor. Not many girls have this opportunity. For my fans, this is the closest thing they're going to have to “get into” me... to have, you know, intimate relations with me.

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

I'm Latina, so my celebrity crush is Maluma. He’s so fine! He changes his hair up pretty much every month...right now he's blonde. 

Also, he has this gorgeous accent, oh my god. 

Just talking about him gets me so... dripping. 


What Would Be Your Ideal Date?

I don't want to be cheesy, but my ideal date would be to go skydiving. I like stuff that's crazy - an adrenaline rush. I've done it (skydiving) three times. 

I like things that are wild, adventurous and over the top. So, for me, skydiving is great but if he comes up with something even better I’m down for it. 

What Would Be The Title of Your Autobiography?

My autobiography would be called “Two Vaginas, One Dick, and Some Balls” (laughter).

What Mainstream Artist Needs Their Own Fleshlight?

I would say Maluma because obviously, he's so high profile. I don't know one day I can meet him. He’s so fine. I just want to feel him!

For a lady, I would probably pick um Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell. She's super gorgeous and I just saw a show with her where she played a mother. So, it's kind of crazy to see her swap roles. She's so beautiful. Definitely...Kelly Kapowski.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of Getting to Know the Fleshlight Girls with Nikki Delano. If you want to fully experience this feisty bombshell, make sure to pick up her exclusive, molded-to-perfection Fleshlight today!

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