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Getting to Know Alexis Texas

Welcome to an all-new "Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls" segment, where we sit with one of today's most famous pornstars for an exclusive one-on-one interview. 

In today's interview, we connected with the uber-popular busty blonde bombshell Alexis Texas. With over six million Instagram followers, it's safe to say she's one of the most recognized Fleshlight Girls in the world today.

However, if you don't know much about the girl, let's take a closer look at the adult star before diving into our chat with her. 

Who is Alexis Texas?

Born on May 25, 1985, and standing at 5 feet, 8 inches tall, she has voluptuous curves that perfectly match her height. While her tits are definitely sizable, most of her weight seems to be in her butt, which her fans can't seem to get enough of.


A small-town Texas girl, Alexis started her career with Shane's World's College Amateur Tour in her home state. After later moving to Los Angeles in 2007, she decided to pursue her passion and made her way into the adult film industry.

One close look at Miss Alexis, and you'll probably agree it's hard to put the finger on her heritage. Alexis has a unique mixed background that combines Puerto Rican and Scandinavian bloodlines. This blend gives her a look unlike any other girl in the adult industry.

While her healthy rear gets her the most attention, Ms. Texas has other standout physical assets that her adoring fans can't quite get enough of.

They love her sexy smile, beautiful eyes, and eagerness to perform on set. While Alexis has a special place for anal, she equally adores the deep thrusting of vaginal sex.

Now that you know all about her, let's shift our attention to her most recent sit-down interview with the Fleshlight team and see what she had to say.

Getting to Know Alexis Texas

What Has Been Your Favorite Experience as a Fleshlight Girl?

Getting a Fleshlight is an honor – not many girls get one. So, it's such a big moment in your career when you have the privilege of becoming a Fleshlight girl.

Have You Ever Used Your Fleshlight on a Guy?

I most definitely have used my Fleshlight on a guy – several guys, actually. 

Usually, if you have dated me, you definitely have gotten use of my Fleshlight, and I've sent it home with you afterward. 

Also, I've actually used it as a party trick and had some people take shots out of it, too. So, it's very much multi-functional (laughter).


Do You Have a Celebrity Crush?

I think the only celebrity crush I am crushing on right now is myself. I've done a lot of self-work during this pandemic, and I've made sure to give myself more self-love so I can be the best future partner to whoever is out there for me.

What Would Be Your Ideal Date?

I'm pretty simple. 

I like someone just to make an effort – listen to little things that I like, or maybe have a picnic at a beach, something like that. It doesn't have to be super crazy, but I do like to be wined and dined, for sure.

Would You Date Someone Who Slid into your DMs?

I'm not opposed to it. 

I may give you a shot if you have enough balls to try and you're very creative (just not in a douchey way). But at first, I probably will leave you unread and decide if I want to send a message back or not.

And there you have it – this has been another episode of Getting to Know the Fleshlight Girls. You can now experience what millions of men have fantasized about having for years – explore Alexis Texas' most intimate pleasure holes, "Outlaw" and "Tornado," available only here at Fleshlight.

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