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Getting Closer to Angela White

Welcome to another segment of Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls, where we sit down with  one of today's hottest pornstars for an exclusive, one-on-one interview.

In today's interview, we're talking with Australia's premier porn girl, Angela White

This wonderfully curvy and bubbly adult star is known for her bright blue eyes, voluptuous 32GG tits, and a wild and dirty mouth.


Despite these fan-favorite features, it's Angela's inexorable sexual appetite that has made her so popular in the adult industry. Whether it's with men or women, Angela celebrates the diversity of sexual experiences and loves to express her sexuality with both.

One of the most talented performers in porn today, Angela now also produces and directs films in the adult industry. 

Now, let's learn more about this fan-favorite Fleshlight Girl with our recently-recorded interview.

Getting Closer with Angela White

Angela, we appreciate you meeting with us today! It's a pleasure to hang out with you and do our part in connecting you with fans of both your films and Fleshlights.

Let's start with a softball question. 

What Is Your Favorite Part About Being a Fleshlight Girl?

My favorite part about being a Fleshlight Girl is knowing that there are men all over the world getting off with my pussy and asshole.

Have You Ever Used Your Fleshlight on a Guy?

I use my flashlight a lot during my JOIs, but I don't think I've actually used it on a guy yet, which is kind of crazy. 

When I'm in a room with a guy that I want to fuck, I guess I don't think about getting my Fleshlight out. 

I mean, I've got the thing that was molded from right here, so.... (laughter)


If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be and Why?

I don't know...a tiger comes to mind. 

But maybe that's more of a hope than an actuality. I like the idea that I'm like a dangerous predator on the prowl, but maybe I'd be more of a bunny. 

Would You Date Someone That Slid Into Your DMs? 

Maybe, I mean, anything's possible. It would depend on what they said, I guess. 

I'm really into intelligent people, people who are interesting and funny. If they just slid in with a dick pic or a pussy pic, it's probably not going to do anything for me. But maybe if they made me laugh or made me intrigued, then yeah, there's a chance. 

What Would Your New Career Be in Witness Protection?

If I needed to go into witness protection and I needed to choose a new career to kind of disguise who I am, I don't know that it would work because I have these very large breasts that might give me away. 

I don't know if a new career is going to cut it. 

Thank you for reading (and watching) this edition of Getting Closer with Angela White.

Now, you better go get my Fleshlight. 

Do it. You know you want to.

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