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Fuck Like a Pornstar: Tera Patrick

Welcome to a new segment of “Fuck Like a Pornstar,” where we interview our Fleshlight Girls about all things sex. While we discuss what they like on set, we try to zero-in our focus on what gets them off the most in their personal lives. Think of this as a “backstage pass” to your favorite pornstar’s bedroom. 

In today’s article, we chat with the stunning Fleshlight Girl, former pornstar, Tera Patrick. 

Let’s get started!


Tera, thank you for meeting with us today! 
To get started, can you share with your fans, what are your top 3 favorite positions?  

“I love missionary, riding on top, and ‘standing’ doggy. I love missionary the best because looking into my partner’s eyes is HOT!”

Many guys out there are always looking for the best techniques to get their girls off. What is the best way to make you cum?

“My nipples are VERY sensitive. I cum right away if you bite, suck, or play with them. Every woman has a sensitive spot just ASK her! Don’t be shy, ask!”

What tricks have some of the talent you have worked with used to last longer in bed? 

“It really boils down to keeping yourself fit and healthy. Nothing beats that. You will have more strength, stamina, and endurance if you’re healthy!”


What is the best toy that a guy can bring into the bedroom to heighten the sexual experience?

“I like using what I’m even wearing–my panties, a belt for spanking, actually last night I tickle my partner for the first time with my nails and he got hard super fast! I like it when a man is creative and uses what he can find around him too! One time we were going at it and he undid the phone and tied my hands with the cord!

“Haha, I guess you can’t do THAT anymore, though…(laughter)”

What is one thing that you do in your scenes that you would never do (or prefer not to do) in your private life? 

“Reverse Cowgirl! (laughter) I mean it looks GREAT on camera but I would never do it at home. Certain positions are great on film but at home, no way, I want to relax and be comfortable!”

In porn, it’s common for the guy to finish on your face, mouth, or chest… what do you like in your private life? What do you recommend men do? 

“I’ve always loved cum on my huge tits. Men are completely visual and if you’re both feeling it cum on her face and tits it’s HOT!!! The mouth and swallowing are very personal for me so I don’t recommend that on a first date but hey if she says YES then go for it!”


What kind of dirty talk really gets you going? Can you give us an example? 

“‘Take my cock baby,’ ‘be a good girl,’ ‘mmmm,’ makes me go crazy. I LOVE to hear moaning the most. Especially when I’m sucking cock. Hearing him moan and knowing it’s because of YOU is so fucking HOT!”
What recommendation do you have for guys when it comes to “getting rough” in the bedroom? What’s hot and what’s not? 

“Getting rough requires BOTH people to be into it. Start with a little spanking, squeezing her butt. Maybe try holding her arms over her head as you're on top or squeezing her arms behind her if you’re in standing doggy. 

“Again ASK!

“Say ‘should I go harder?’ Or, ‘do you like it when I hold you down?’ Things like that.”

“It’s NOT hot to just start pulling hair or spanking without asking. Also with hair grabbing or pulling, start and grab close to the scalp and base! I never understood when guys even women will just grab your hair from the middle or ends. It only hurts.” 

“The goal is to feel the sensations from the scalp and exert some control NOT cause pain or lose hair!”
Do you have an experience where someone did something unexpected in bed that you really enjoyed?

“One time while making out, my partner took my panties out and made a cock ring out of them. It looked so hot and I loved playing with his cock with it on. Lots of tease and denial, mmmm.”

And with that, we come to an end of this week’s segment of “Fuck Like a Pornstar.” 

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