French Conservatives Struggle With Giant Inflatable Butt-Plug

French Conservatives Struggle With Giant Inflatable Butt-Plug

Andres Jauregui | Huffington Post 

Paris. Anyone who's been there knows that the locals can be a little uptight. Now, there's a reason that people can point to... and photograph, and complain about to the media.

French ultra-conservatives are pretty upset that there's a giant butt-plug in the middle of Place Vendome, says Gawker.

The artist behind the 24-foot inflatable foreign object, Paul McCarthy, calls it a tree. In fact, "Tree" is the piece's official name. The artist is also famous for inflatable piles of poo, and a sculpture of Santa Claus holding a dildo.

Although it's clearly evident that "Tree" depicts a sex toy, most folks don't seem to care all that much (it's art, people).

However, French Spring, a political far-right group that opposes gay marriage, calls "Tree" a sex toy and therefore a disgrace to the historic plaza.

Like it or not, the inflatable sculpture, which was installed as part of the Contemporary Art Fair, will be gone in mid-November.

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