Four Loko x Fleshlight: The Ultimate Discreet Sex Toy for Men

Four Loko x Fleshlight: The Ultimate Discreet Sex Toy for Men


A few years back, we released our “Sex in a Can” series of Fleshlights, which consisted of different sleeves, all themed after a different kind of alcoholic beverage. The goal of these disguised male masturbators was that they would go unnoticed to the unsuspecting eye. 

These Fleshlights were smaller, tighter, sized about the same as an average “tall boy” beer can.

However, as time went on the “Sex In A Can” line was discontinued when Pizzaslime came into the picture, bringing us together with the famous adult beverage brand, Four Loko! 

So, what is the Four Loko Fleshlight? 

Keep reading. We’ll tell you all about it.

Four Loko x Fleshlight: Sleeve & Specs


At first glance, with both the front and back caps on, this Fleshlight looks just like a standard, 12% alcohol, Fruit Punch Four Loko. The truth is, your average person will likely never suspect it to be anything else! 

It’s not until you pop off the main, front-facing cap that its true purpose is revealed.
What you’ll see are the beautiful, life-like pussy lips of our best-selling textured masturbation sleeve and a favorite for first-time buyers, the Mini-Lotus. 

This particular texture offers a textured canal with several “waves” spaced throughout the canal which varies in diameter from ½” to ¾” inches. The total length of the toy is 9.75'' with an insertable length of 8.5'' inches. This toy is designed to snugly fit nearly any man quite nicely.

The Four Loko x Fleshlight Experience


Similar to our “Sex In A Can” toys, the Four Loko x Fleshlight is was tighter than the average Fleshlight by a small margin beginning with a noticeably smaller orifice that you slide into.

With sufficient lube, you penetrate into the sleeve and you have the ability to then adjust the back cap to get the tightness and suction effect you desire.

The mini-lotus texture gives you the experience of thrusting through a variety of chambers of varying degrees of tightness that’ll be sure to make your body shake with pleasure.

What Comes In The Package?


After placing your order, here's what you'll receive in your discreetly shipped Four Loko x Fleshlight package:

  • Four Loko x Fleshlight case
  • Mini-Lady orifice with Mini-Lotus texture 
  • Branded brown paper bag
  • Sample FleshLube
  • Sample Renewing Powder
  • Instructions for use and care

What are you waiting for? It’s time to crack open the most satisfying Four Loko you’ll ever have. 

Click here to get yours today!

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