Fleshlight Go Review

Out of all of the Fleshlight sex toys for men, the Fleshlight Go is one of the most intriguing collections. The Fleshlight Go collection includes the Surge Lady and the Torque Ice. These toys are available alone or as starter packs with lube, the Quickshot Vantage and either the Torque Ice or the Surge Lady Fleshlight Go. What is unique about the Fleshlight Go is its size. These sex toys are lighter and more compact than the originals that they are modeled after. This means that if you are tight on space, the Fleshlight Go toys are an optimal choice.

One of the best things about the Fleshlight Go is its compact size. When you have to take a work-related trip for a week, and you know you are going to feel the stress building on you, having the Fleshlight Go ready for you will give you the release that you desire. Even though the Fleshlight Go is compact, it is still ready to receive the full girth and length of your shaft.

Choosing the right Fleshlight is a challenge, albeit a fun and stimulating one. One of the best ways to learn about these toys and get an idea of how they perform and what they feel like is to read the Fleshlight Go reviews from other men who have already given them a go. These Fleshlight Go reviews will help you to learn more about the products and what real guys have to say about them.

Experience Supple SuperSkin Sleeves

Customers have raved about the supple texture and the smoothness of the orifice of the Fleshlight Go's sleeves. In the Fleshlight Go reviews of men who have tried out the Surge Lady, many users noted that the clit hood provides realistic stimulation on their balls as they thrust into the sleeve. A few guys noted that the lips are opened nicely, ready to receive their erection and providing plenty of space for their full girth. The opening of the lips folds outward, providing additional texture and stimulation as you penetrate it. Another user noted that the fullness of the lady lips provides just the right amount of contact with his balls when he thrusts.

The Torque Ice has a non-anatomical orifice. Several users reported that they especially liked this feature because it gave them the freedom to make up their own fantasies about what orifice they were penetrating. The Torque Ice's orifice is nicely puckered with a swirl around the circular opening. This allows you to reenact your fantasy of a blowjob, a tight ass, or lady lips as the need arises.

The Unique Interior Texture Receives High Marks

Not only is the SuperSkin on the surface of the Fleshlight Go, but it is also on the inside. The supple texture responds to your cock as you penetrate it. Users raved about the way that it provides a full 360 degrees of stimulation all away around their shaft. The sleeve of the Surge Lady has ribs coming in at different angles through the length of the tunnel, offering direct stimulation without too much distraction.

Users also enjoyed the intense stimulation of the Torque Ice's unique texture. The Torque Ice's canal is filled with nubs, beads, and ribbing. Its canal is tighter, and users with a smaller girth noted that they were able to enjoy all of those sensations along every part of their anatomy, from the tip to the base of the shaft.

Users Love the Ergonomic Case Design

Several of the Fleshlight Go reviews also specifically noted that the case of this Fleshlight is easy to hold. It has an ergonomic design, so men who have a lot of stamina will not find themselves with tired hands or sore wrists after an extended session with the toy. The case also has grips, so men whose hands were already a little slick from applying lube had no trouble keeping a steady grasp on the Fleshlight Go's case.

Not only is the Fleshlight Go's case simple to hold on to, but several of the Fleshlight Go reviews also remarked about how effortless it was to switch out the sleeves. Some men had both the Torque Ice sleeve and the Surge Lady sleeve, and removing one sleeve and putting in another was not a problem for them, thanks to the easy-open ends.

See Your Cock Through the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice

Many of the men who tried out the Torque Ice noted in their Fleshlight Go review that being able to see their own cock with each thrust was a gratifying experience. With most sex toys, it is not possible to see your strokes as you thrust and when you get your release. The Torque Ice puts your entire member on display.

Seeing the flesh get longer and harder with each thrust is quite a turn-on for many of the men who have left Fleshlight Go reviews. They got to experience not only the touch of the Fleshlight but also the stunning visual effects. One of the Fleshlight Go reviews even noted that he felt like he was the star of his own video when he got to see his end result at the conclusion of his solo session.

Some of the Fleshlight Go reviews expanded on how the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is also ideal for those high-tech sessions. When one partner is traveling and the other needs that release, the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice makes it easy to capture the culminating experience. The moment could be captured on a live video chat with the partner, with each partner engaging in a self-pleasuring session for the other's enjoyment.

Increase Your Stamina and Bedroom Performance

Men on the average-to-shorter end of the spectrum noted in their Fleshlight Go reviews that these toys helped them to work on their stamina. With some toys, their length would not reach all the way to the end of the canal, making it hard for them to get the same type of experience that they would with a blowjob or when penetrating a lady's lips or a tight ass. Since the insertable length of the Fleshlight Go Surge Lady and Torque Ice is 6.5 inches, the average guy's head will reach or just about reach the end of the tunnel. The effect is direct stimulation on the tip of the member, just like you get at the back of the throat or with an anal or vaginal g-spot.

The guys who selected the Traveler Pack also got to try out the Quickshot Vantage. This petite orifice is open at both ends, so it is like getting a great handjob. It fits guys of all sizes and girths. The smaller guys remarked in their Fleshlight Go reviews that they liked being able to see their hardness and directing the end results of their solo sessions. The larger guys found that they could finally get incredible sensations all the way around their well-endowed flesh -- as some partners' hands were unable to maintain as good of a grasp during a handjob as they would like. The Fleshlight Go Quickshot Vantage delivered the stimulation just where they needed it.

It's Easy to Achieve Orgasm During Solo Sessions

Users of the Fleshlight Go collection consistently remarked on how easy it was for them to come to orgasm during their solo sessions. Since the Torque Ice and Surge Lady do not have any batteries or make any sounds, the users could fully concentrate on their fantasies without worrying that their roommate would hear what was going on in the next bedroom. One reviewer raved about the fleshy skin at the orifice, noting that it was dreamily soft and realistic.

The Fleshlight Go reviews also included comments from several users about the dramatic results they were able to achieve when they used one of the three Fleshlight lube products. The Fleshlight Water, Fire, and Ice lubes were all highly rated by users of the Fleshlight Go who wanted more slipperiness and ease of penetration. Since the orifice and canal of the Fleshlight Go are tighter than in some of the other toys, the lube reduced friction while ensuring that they got the sensations they wanted.

Enjoy More Control During Partnered Play

The Fleshlight Go reviews also noted that the Torque Ice is excellent when it comes to partnered play. The partner manipulating the toy gets to see exactly what is working to make the cock harder. The partner also gets to see the end display, which is a huge turn-on for many people in the bedroom.

With its ergonomic design, the Fleshlight Go's case is easy for a partner to hold tightly from just about any angle and any position. A guy who wants to sit back on a sofa, relax on a lounge chair, or put his legs up in a set of kinky stirrups or on the headboard of the bed will have no trouble getting pleasured by his partner since the size and angle of the Fleshlight Go makes any move possible from any angle.

Put on a Great Performance

More than one of the Fleshlight Go reviews reported that one of the biggest and most surprising turn-ons was how the Torque Ice variety of the Fleshlight Go makes the shaft look bigger. Whether it is a trick of how the light shines through the transparent material or the double layers of see-thru polymers of the sleeve and the case, it is true. The other Ice toys do not have the same effect on size magnification as the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice. If you are interested in putting on a great performance that looks spectacular, this is reason enough to give it a go.

Take Comfort in the Discreet Design

Fleshlight Go reviews made note of the discreet design of the Fleshlight Go Surge Lady. This toy has a sturdy, solid black case. It looks so much like an actual flashlight that users felt confident leaving it on a nightstand or dresser, even if they knew that their roommate, the cable guy, or their mom might walk past their room with the toy sitting there.

The discreet design of the Fleshlight Go Surge Lady is also ideal for people who have to go through airport security. At airports, the TSA has the right to open up your carry-on or checked luggage to see what is inside. The design of the Surge Lady is not as obvious as other types of sex toys for men. This means that if you get pulled aside for a special screening of your belongings, you will not feel so on-the-spot when the agents pull out your Fleshlight Go. When your bag passes through the X-ray, you will not have to worry about the agents noticing a sex toy in your suitcase.

If you bring your Fleshlight Go along in your gym bag, its discreet design will not stand out in the locker room. Even if the other guys know exactly what you have in there, or if somebody rummages through your bag, you will not need to be concerned about anyone noticing your private items. If you have to dump out your entire gym bag or carry-on bag, having the Fleshlight Go Surge Lady land on the top of the pile will not be a cause for concern, noted several of the Fleshlight Go reviews.

The design of the Fleshlight is undoubtedly masculine. The sophisticated style and modern look were mentioned by the millennial guys who reviewed it. One of the reviewers even mentioned that his roommate thought it was an air purifier. Another reviewer said a guy at the gym thought it was part of a grooming kit. 

It Works Well With Other Fleshlight Toys

Reviewers of the Fleshlight Go were delighted to find that they could get a lot out of their toys by pairing them with the other accessories, such as the Fleshlight Launch Pad, shower mount, and sleeve warmers. This takes your solo sessions to an entirely new level. The Fleshlight Go reviews noted that the toys work especially well with the hands-free mounts. With free hands, you can stimulate yourself in other places, touch your partner, change up your video, or do anything else that strikes your fancy.

Seize Full Control With Adjustable Suction

Fleshlight Go reviews also focused on the ability to adjust the suction. One user noted that he liked a tight suction, and all he had to do to get the level just right was to turn the cap on the closed end of the Fleshlight Go. The level of suction could be adjusted anytime, including in the middle of a pleasure session. This customized suction level allows for a unique experience every time.

It's Easy to Travel With the Fleshlight Go

The lightweight and modest size of the Fleshlight Go makes it a natural favorite of men who are on the go and want to have access to pleasurable solo sessions while away from home. International travelers who left Fleshlight Go reviews noted that in small hotel rooms, the Fleshlight Go is a great option. The smaller case size means that smaller movements yield satisfying results. The guys who travel a lot noted that they kept a Fleshlight Go packed in their bags at all times, so they would not have to worry about leaving it at home.

Taking Care of the Fleshlight Is a Breeze

Fleshlight Go reviewers like how easy it is to take care of the toy. Getting the sleeve out of the case is a cinch. All it takes to clean it is warm water and the Fleshwash that is available on its own or as a part of the So Fresh and So Clean Pack. The Fleshlight Go air-dries after cleaning. After a few hours of drying time, it is ready to be on the receiving end of your pleasure once again.

Renewing the SuperSkin of the Fleshlight Go is also a breeze. The Pleasure Pack comes with the Fleshlight Renewing Powder, or you can buy it on its own. Reviewers noted that powdering the Fleshlight Go's sleeve after about four or five uses helps to maintain the supple, realistic feeling of the orifice and the interior parts of the sleeve. Now that you have read the Fleshlight Go reviews for this high-performing sex toy collection, you can make an informed decision and experience its pleasures for yourself.

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