Fleshlight Destroya Review

Fleshlight Destroya Review

Nothing fuels innovation quite like success, and few products from Fleshlight prove that point more clearly than the Destroya sleeve. Originally designed as an exclusive item for those who purchased the Stoya pocket pussy from the Fleshlight Girls Collection, Fleshlight Destroya reviews were so positive the company began offering it by itself as the Destroya Pink Sleeve.

Three Pleasure Chambers

What distinguishes the Destroya from other Fleshlight pocket pussies is the immediate sense of intensity. As one Fleshlight Destroya review noted, the feeling of using the sleeve is a sprint, not a marathon. The design features three chambers that offer three very different sensations as the user thrusts deeper. The initial opening is tighter than most models, and it provides a strong sense of the shaft being gripped and stroked during the session.

It's the second chamber, however, that represents the biggest part of the show. Here, the head of the penis encounters pleasure nubs that stimulate it from all directions. What starts out as a smooth but tight ride suddenly becomes a challenge to your stamina. The second chamber starts at about 1 inch of depth and continues slightly past 2.5 inches.

Once you get to the third chamber, you'll realize that it's not all simple pleasures. The third chamber features a series of fangs that pull the shaft and the head in with each thrust. You'll also discover that the third chamber gets narrower the deeper you explore, arriving at a tight, ribbed canal of about 5.5 inches in depth. While many guys won't be able to take full advantage of the ribbed zone, one Fleshlight Destroya reviewer did note that the accumulated suction created in this part of the pocket pussy tended to intensify the overall effect of being sucked in.

The three-chamber design makes the Destroya a superb choice for all guys, regardless of size. You'll typically be able to reach all three chambers with minimal effort and a little Fleshlube. In fact, a lot of Fleshlight Destroya reviews have noted that the experience of using shallower, slower strokes was even more intense, allowing the user to focus on maximizing contact to the head. Whether you're looking to thrust deeply or go at a medium pace, the sleeve offers an unmatched level of versatility.

A quick perusal of Fleshlight Destroya reviews will quickly make you aware that this sleeve isn't intended to be a realistic replication of the experience of the penis being hugged by a vagina. In some cases, though, fiction is just flat-out more exciting than reality. The Destroya is a sleeve that achieves an almost impossible number of different sensations with each thrust. It also produces a great deal of direct contact with the head and the shaft, giving guys a chance to really push their limits to the extreme. Instead of striving to be a substitute for the actual thing, the Destroya aims to provide a whole new set of sensations. That makes it a top choice for experienced Fleshlight users who are looking for a second (or third or fourth) sleeve to challenge themselves.

Many Openings

The Destroya Pink Sleeve is available in four different openings: the lady, the butt, the mouth and the cheeks. There are, however, a fifth and sixth option available.

Modeled after Stoya herself, the lady and butt sleeves from the original Girls Collection provide two more options for guys who want to explore even more. Using modern 3-D technologies, the engineers at Fleshlight have created painstakingly accurate replicas based on the world-famous porn star and alt-model. The exacting detail invites you to explore as you lightly begin your journey of erotic enjoyment. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a porn star, quite a few Fleshlight Destroya reviews share that the experience is simply amazing.

A Different Feeling

The Destroya is unquestionably different than any other available option. The arrangement of the bumps and fangs subjects the penis to 360 degrees of stimulation. Its relatively tight canal and strong suction generate an intense experience that one Fleshlight Destroya review said was more profound than using the Stamina Training Unit.

 It's a great product, especially for the experienced Fleshlight user who's looking to go to the next level. If you're someone who struggles to reach orgasm, you'll likely find the Destroya provides that extra boost to take you to the promised land. Some beginners may find it a little intimidating, but it's an excellent choice for those who want to get where they're going as quickly as possible. For most users, it will be the fastest Fleshlight in terms of time to orgasm.

As is the case with all products from the genius engineers at Fleshlight, the Destroya utilizes SuperSkin technology. This allows it to closely approximate the feel of the real thing. While the prospect of the penis being met by small fangs might sound imposing, the SuperSkin does an amazing job of making the whole experience sensational, soft and smooth. A number of Fleshlight Destroya reviews by those who had previously used many other sleeves said that they were blown away by how gentle the feeling was. Many also reported that the tightness and pull increased as engorgement occurred and pushed them harder toward completion.

Simple Maintenance

Fleshlight sleeves, given their expected applications as masturbatory aids, are designed to be easy for owners to clean. Due to a large number of surfaces designed to stimulate, however, the Destroya tends to be a little more high maintenance than other sleeves. You'll find, though, that liberal use of Fleshwash will keep yours clean as a whistle. Several Fleshlight Destroya reviews have stated that expected drying time is higher than average, with five hours being a commonly cited figure. You'll probably need more than a short refractory period to recover from your encounter with the Destroya anyhow.

Similarly, the amount of attention that goes into the long-term maintenance of the Destroya is a little higher than average. The relatively high amount of contact its numerous nubs and fangs achieves means you'll likely want to use Fleshlight Renewing Powder a bit more often to ensure that the supple texture stays as smooth as the first time you took a wild ride.

Most Fleshlight Destroya reviewers were more than thrilled to put in the bit of extra maintenance that comes with the privilege of owning one of the most titillating pocket pussies on the market. As with the real thing, putting in a little extra attention will realize many happy returns. If you'd like to keep the cost down, you can also take advantage of the savings offered by the So Fresh and So Clean Pack, a combo deal that'll chisel a bit off the price of buying both Renewing Powder and Fleshwash.

Feeling So Warm

One theme that appears in a lot of Fleshlight Destroya reviews is the importance of warming the sleeve. Thankfully, Fleshlight offers the Sleeve Warmer, a system that's designed to automatically get your pocket pussy up to a temperature that replicates the sensation of being hugged by the real thing. It has a built-in shutoff, so you'll never have to worry about the safety of your more delicate areas.

If you'd prefer a spicier sensation, you may want to add Fleshlube Fire to your arsenal. The product is a medical-grade lubricant that's hypoallergenic and natural. It warms on contact, and several Fleshlight Destroya reviews stated the combination of sleeve and lube quickly pushed them to the brink.

As you might imagine, some Fleshlight Destroya reviewers have a bit of a kinky streak. Within this group, a few actually decided to go in the opposite direction, choosing cooling over warmth. After the application of Fleshlube Ice, you can get the experience of being rewarded by the coldest of queens.

Going Hands-Free

The Destroya sleeve is designed for use with a full-size Fleshlight. This means that it's compatible with pretty much every additional product available from the company. Mixing and matching those options will allow you to get endless thrills out of yours.

Two of the biggest fantasies out there include sex with a porn star and sex in the shower. Pair the Stoya lady sleeve with the Shower Mount, and suddenly you'll be doing both at the same time. The Mount is designed to be highly secure on all flat surfaces, and it allows you to get the Fleshlight to precisely the entry level you prefer. Users also have the benefit of being able to go hands-free. Likewise, you'll be able to gain additional leverage, possibly allowing you to reach the ribbed canal at the far end of the sleeve. You may find the experience so amazing that you'll want to post your own Fleshlight Destroya review.

Attaining greater depth of penetration will allow you to make the most of every inch of the Destroya. By pairing it with the Liberator: On a Mission, one Fleshlight Destroya reviewer was able to put his back into it and really get to know the ribbed portion. The non-skid design of the Liberator allows for a hands-free session. You'll be able to put your weight into the Destroya, letting you plow through all three pleasure chambers with each stroke. If you want finer control of the experience, simply thrust to a point that achieves the level of stimulation you desire.

Exploring a variety of positions is a great way to increase the enjoyment of sex, and the Destroya may also be utilized with the Liberator: Top Dog. It'll permit you greater control thanks to the replication of rear-entry sex. Fleshlight Destroya reviews indicate that users who prefer a somewhat more metered experience favored employing this combination for hands-free sessions.

A Highly Compatible Lady

The ability to use it with numerous high-tech products is a selling point to many who write Fleshlight Destroya reviews. Whether you're looking for an internet-connected experience or access to a simple round of fun, there are a number of excellent options available.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your experience is to add the VStroker Adapter. It connects wirelessly to your Mac or PC system to transmit information back and forth. By monitoring each stroke, it allows you to follow along with a video experience that'll quickly bring you to a thrilling climax. The VStroker attaches to the end of the cap segment of any standard colored Fleshlight case. You control every moment. Just slip the Destroya into the case and find out what all the fuss is about.

Adding a visual element to any sexual experience is one of the fastest ways to spice it up. The Destroya makes a perfect addition for owners of the LaunchPAD, a system that allows you to combine Fleshlight products with an iPad. Load your favorite POV video, and you'll come away ready to write a Fleshlight Destroya review of your own. Should you feel bold enough, you can even pull up your favorite clip of Stoya herself.

If you're interested in what might be the most intense available combo, pairing the Destroya together with the Fleshlight Launch is an appealing option. It combines wireless connectivity and compatibility with your favorite set of VR goggles. Capable of up to 180 strokes per minute, using the Launch in conjunction with the Destroya represents as clear a challenge to your stamina as you might ever encounter. With both interactive and manual modes, it makes a superb choice for couples or those planning to go solo.

Some of the greatest ideas in history have come while a man was bored. If you're looking for an option that combines a funny joke with a killer sexual experience, combining the Destroya with one of the Sex in a Can cases might be the way to go. It makes a wonderful gag gift for friends, and you can bet the recipient will quickly discover new excuses to spend time by himself.

Mix and Match

The near endless number of options for using the Destroya with other products will have you searching Fleshlight Deals to find ways you can get the most for your dollar. The Stoya Combo Pack, for example, allows you to acquire a Destroya sleeve, the Ice and Fire lubes, an authentic orifice and a Shower Mount. Should you wish to be the guy in the middle of an FFM threesome with Stoya, you can even invite another girl along for a Fleshlight Orgy. If you'd rather the other girl be picked for you, the Best Friends Play Pack is hard to beat. The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination.

A Uniquely Pleasurable Experience

A notion that appears in all Fleshlight Destroya reviews is that it represents one of the strongest choices for guys who want a more intense sensation. It offers an excellent variety of chambers and textures, making every session feel like a unique expedition of discovery. Due to its compatibility with almost all standard-sized Fleshlight cases, the Destroya can quickly be mixed and matched with a wide array of accessories. For the man who wants to start fast and finish quickly, it provides enough stimulation to get to erotic heights rapidly. Those who want to go low and slow will find a diverse experience that develops with every thrust.

In Fleshlight Destroya reviews, it is generally considered somewhat higher maintenance than other standard sleeves. However, all writers came away feeling that the small amount of additional effort was absolutely worth it. The Destroya provides an experience that's hard to replicate. A multitude of Fleshlight Destroya reviews even state it's more effective than the Stamina Training Toys, the FleshPump or the popular Obsession sleeve that comes with the Jenna Haze Fleshlight.

The combination of SuperSkin texture with the Destroya's unique arrangement of bumps and fangs leads to a feeling that is simply in a league of its own, even compared to many of the most respected options from Fleshlight. With every stroke, it delivers excellent contact and numerous sensations. Varying your level of penetration will give you a highly personal experience. Despite starting out as a relatively niche product, a single sleeve for an individual porn star in the Fleshlight Girls line, the Destroya has rocketed to fame. Try it yourself and find out why so many guys just can't get enough of this beauty and the dark thrills she has to offer.

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