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Fleshlight in 2020: Year in Review

Whew! What a year 2020 has been. 

From COVID-19 to a tumultuous election year and everything in between, one could easily claim that it was one of the worst years in recent memory. 
That is, of course, unless you are a Fleshlight customer.

2020 was an incredible year for our brand. With half a dozen new Fleshlight Girls and a variety of brand new stand-alone products launched, we gave every man something to be excited about while social distancing and quarantining became the “new normal.”

In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of each of our product launches here in 2020.

Mia Malkova’s Fleshlight Launch

Our first Fleshlight Girl launch of 2020 was none other than gamer-geek, porn girl sensation, Mia Malkova. Although her pussy Fleshlight sensation LVL Up was rolled out in 2019, we launched her butt Fleshlight, “Boss Level” this year. 

When you pop off the pearl-colored cap of Mia Malkova’s backdoor Fleshlight, you’ll find the most perfect little butthole you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Slide in and thrust your cock into a fantasy world of constricting curves and lusty spirals. Her tight ass is filled with caressing knobs designed to add sizzling sensations to every stroke. If you crave epic anal play with an intense finale, this is sex toy for you.

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Flight Commander Fleshlight Launch

2020 saw the newest member of our Flight crew arrive. In case you missed it, make sure to check out the tight and compact Flight Commander

As you might already know, our Flight crew consists of the Pilot, Aviator, and (now) the Commander. Each with its own exclusive texture and distinct design, the Flight Commander features our popular Turbo Tech, which provides additional entry points that are specifically designed to increase suction for an even more intense Fleshlight experience.

Think of this as a Turbo-Flight mashup.

The Flight Commander is designed to be the ultimate combination of amazing suction in a condensed size.

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Emily Willis Fleshlight Launch

We couldn’t let 2020 come and go without bringing on Adult Empire’s Pornstar of the Year, Emily Willis. One of the hottest girls in the adult industry today, we launched Emily Willis’ pussy and butt Fleshlights simultaneously for your fapping pleasure.

Emily’s pussy texture, Squirt, features a corkscrew entry point that transitions into a gauntlet of knobs, ridges, and alternating spines, the Emily Willis lady texture is as versatile as the woman, herself. 

An anal queen, through and through, Emily’s Smash butt texture features a rotating pattern of tight spiral passages that alternate and twist. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a backdoor romp with the winner of the 2020 AVN Awards’ “Best Anal Sex Scene,” now’s your chance!

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Johnny Sins Dildo Launch

As one of the legends of the porn industry, bringing on Johnny Sins as our newest Fleshlight Guy was just a matter of time. We created a replica of Johnny’s award-winning cock for women, gay men and quite a few curious straight men alike.

Made to be enjoyed either alone or in partner play, this dildo is made for sinners who enjoy deep, erotic penetration. 

Johnny’s dildo is made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone the length from base to tip is 8.13" inches (20.65 cm) with 6.63" inches (16.84 cm) of insertable length and phenomenal girth of 6" inches (15.24 cm) at the base of its shaft.

If you own one male porn star’s cock, this is the “the one” you need. 
Over his career, Johnny Sins has been repeatedly voted “Best Dick” by the industry’s leading female talent and fans. 

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Go Stamina Training Unit

As you might know, the Stamina Training Unit is Fleshlight’s premiere stand-alone product made for men who want to improve their sexual endurance while in the throes of extreme stimulation.

2020 gave way to the arrival of the GO Stamina Training Unit and wow, does it ever impress.

We took one of our best-selling sex toys for men and shrunk it down to be smaller, more compact, and discreet in size. Now, no matter where you are or where you GO, you can train your sexual performance. 

Click here to train your stamina on the GO!

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit

The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit is a hybrid of our best-selling texture shrunk down to the ultra-compact Quickshot size millions of our customers know and love. 

The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit features a vaginal orifice on one end and a butt entry on the other. Slip inside and feel the intense bumps that push your stamina to its utmost limits. 

Due to its open-ended design, it can be used as supplementary stimulation during traditional solo masturbation or to supplement partner play.

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Maitland Ward Fleshlight Launch

Known from her roles as Rachel on Boy Meets World and the ditsy blonde Brittany in White Chicks, Maitland Ward’s transition to porn had many a “90’s kid” stoked. Once our team here at Fleshlight got to see her in action, we immediately knew we had to find a way to make her our newest Fleshlight Girl. Luckily for us, here in 2020, we made it happen.

Maitland Ward's pussy texture, Toy Meets World, is an incredible mishmash of pleasure columns, tight discs, and massage beads designed to make you moan with delight.

Tight Chicks, Ms. Ward’s butt sensation, is a rollercoaster of intense stimulation beads and rows of pleasure bumps, this Fleshlight is designed to do one thing: emulate tight backdoor penetration - something Maitland is known to be very fond of.

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Nikki Delano Fleshlight Launch

The spicy blonde latina, Nikki Delano, was at the top of our list as a must-have Fleshlight Girl for 2020. With her curvy body and naughty nature, she’s on many a man’s mind when browsing their top adult stars on PornHub.

Nikki Delano’s lady Fleshlight, Fuego, is unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. 

Slide in between her tiny, inviting lips and you'll be met with a wavy entry point, a large pleasure-bead and a waffle designed for an intense sensation.
Nikki’s backdoor Fleshlight, Fantastica, features a snug entrance and rows of intensity ridges coupled with both sporadic pleasure beads and varying degrees of tightness. 

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Megan Rain Fleshlight Launch

With her freckled face, perfect bubble butt, tiny spinner body, and years of success in the adult industry, Megan Rain was an easy choice when we were selecting Fleshlight Girls for 2020.

Like most Fleshlight Girl launches today, we rolled out Ms. Rain’s pussy and butt Fleshlights at the same time. Her lady texture Lightning is an electrifying contrast of textures - consisting of pillowy edges, long-stemmed bumps, and an electric storm of never-before-seen jagged textures. 

Megan Rain’s butt Fleshlight, Thunder, like Megan herself, is unique, tight, and deliciously satisfying to penetrate. 

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Autumn Falls Fleshlight Launch

Autumn is the young all-natural Latina girl of your dreams. It should go without saying that she is a welcome addition to the Fleshlight Girl lineup here this year.  

Autumn Fall’s lady Fleshlight, Cream, is everything you’d expect from this Costa Rican pornstar sensation. Slide your cock between her beautiful tanned lips and you’re immediately met with a variety of tantalizing textures.

As far as her backside is concerned, well, curvy latina girls often have a booty that is just begging to get banged and Autumn Falls certainly meets the stereotype. Squeeze inside her bouncy ass and treat your cock to pointy ridges, concave pleasure bumps, and a final chamber of smooth, pillowy, beads.

Get your hands on her replica pussy and butt sex toys today.

Drying Racks Fleshlight Launch

Finally, here at the end of 2020, we announced the launch of our Fleshlight Drying Racks!

Expertly designed to allow you to effortlessly and effectively dry your Fleshlight sleeve after each and every use, with these racks we've made the drying process as easy as possible.

We understood during the design process that everybody has a particular place in mind where they prefer to dry their sex toy. 
Due to this, we decided to design different drying racks with each allowing you to either hang, screw, or stand dry it in the location of your choosing.

Shop your Fleshlight Drying Rack here!

With that we conclude our 2020 end of the year product launch overview. With so many amazing products to choose from, make sure to take advantage of our End of the Year Sale while there’s still time.

Choose from the following three ways to spend to get your discount:

  • $100 or more and get 10% off!
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  • $300 or more and get 20% off!
Thank you for being a loyal Fleshlight customer. We promise to continue striving to create the very best in male pleasure products. See you next year!
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