Fact or Fiction: Do Sex Toys at Work Boost Productivity?

There’s something we don’t talk about enough—sex toys in the office. Your bedside buddy helps you wind down and focus after a long day at work. Why not cut to the chase?

Sex toys are the ultimate productivity hack! With Fleshlight, you can get off and get a promotion. In this article, we’ll expand on the surprising and beneficial perks of using sex toys in the workplace, expanding on the must-have kinky devices for your desk drawer. 

The Surprising Link Between Sex Toys and Productivity

Did you know that using adult toys in the workplace can actually enhance productivity and improve workplace relationships? It’s true!  

Here are the fantastic ways that sex toys enhance your work performance:

  • Lowered anxiety: Forget to fill your Zoloft prescription? Just jack off! Hormones flood your system during masturbation, ending with the big finale and a rush of endorphins during orgasm. These endorphins work to make you happy and lower instances of anxiety. (Extremely helpful at an anxiety-inducing workplace.)
  • Increased focus: You’ve done the research, practiced your talking points, and gotten a full night’s sleep before your big presentation. The last step is a quick self-love session to increase your game-time focus. Self-fucking will increase neurotransmitter activity associated with concentration and memory. 
  • Less irritability: There’s always one coworker that you just can’t stand. They ask the dumbest questions, insist on the worst processes, and chew with their mouth open at happy hour. The solution? A quick wank under the desk will calm you down and help you handle the worst coworker with ease and relaxation. 
  • Boosted health: You need to be in tip-top shape to keep killing it at your job. Masturbation can ease pain, lower stress, and (may) even boost heart health. Your office health plan will love you. 

All of these benefits of masturbation combine to make you a productive, capitalistic machine. Honestly, the best thing you can do for your future job prospects is to start wanking at work! 

Why It’s Okay to Spice Up Your 9-to-5

The average worker spends about 2,080 hours working annually. That’s a lot of time spent surrounded by coworkers, desks, and tasks. This time suck makes work-life balance incredibly important for the average American, but often, there just isn’t enough time for ‘life’ to balance the ‘work.’

This is where spicing up your workday comes in. The status quo may say no, but here at Fleshlight, we say yes! Let’s debunk the myths surrounding adult toys in the workplace so you can get back to enjoying your job. 

The most common myth is that wanking in the workplace is something you should be ashamed of. For too long, self-sexual pleasure and sex toys have been viewed as crude and shunned by society. Nowadays, there are more and more movements that embrace natural masturbation and pleasure. 

It’s important to destigmatize pleasure and adopt a more open-minded approach to incorporating sexual self-care into our daily routines. This practice obviously includes the workplace. 

Another frequently heard myth is that there’s nowhere to get your pleasure on at work. We call bull: your desk, the break room, the singles bathroom. We even recommend renting a conference or quiet room to take your necessary ‘me’ time.  

Finally, we often hear that people are worried their coworkers will start asking to borrow their personal toys. It begins with a stapler and ends with a pocket pussy, right? It can be tough, but jacking off in the workplace is a good chance to work on boundary setting. You don’t owe your coworkers anything, and it’s perfectly okay to protect your self-care practice by not sharing toys. 

The Office Toybox: Must-Have Items for Maximum Productivity 

Let’s get on to the fun stuff. Which sex toys are ideal for the office? We’ve got you covered with our upgraded desk essentials! Here are some of the best male sex toys and sex toys for women that are ideally designed for office life: 

  • The Quickshot line: These fantastic open-ended male masturbators are compact, with the Quickshot Vantage standing at only 4 inches long. These toys are easily transportable throughout the office and when on business trips. Plus, the see-through toy is ultra-sensual, helping you get off in a flash before your next meeting. 
  • Discreet vibrators: Some of our specially designed women’s vibrators fit in the palm of your hand and nestle right up against your clit. They’re practically wearable toys, making them ultra-convenient for slipping into your work purse. 
  • Classic pocket pussy: It may be a little bigger, but the OG pocket pussy is an all-time best seller for a reason. Looking for some home comfort in the office? A pocket vagina is the way to go. 

There are many, many more toys that are ideal for your workplace needs. We recommend putting aside a single drawer or sanitized shelf for all your workplace goodies. This will help you easily find the perfect toy when you need it and keep things clean. 

The Big Reveal: Are Sex Toys Welcome in the Workplace?  

April Fools! We’ll come clean: the idea of sex toys in the workplace for productivity gains is nothing more than a playful prank. (Can you imagine the HR fiasco?)

Honestly, we even had ourselves convinced that the office was the ideal place for a quick wank for a moment there. However, the privacy of your own space is truly the best and most pleasurable way to masturbate. Plus, when you jack off at home, you don’t get fired. It’s a win-win. 

We will say that traveling with your sex toys is an excellent way to calm down and relax after a hectic day at a conference or meeting with clients (if you have your own room). So, while sex toys still aren’t welcome in the workplace, they are an excellent way to treat yourself in your downtime and help prepare for the next workday. 

The Importance of Self-Care After Hours

While the idea of using sex toys at work may be a joke, the importance of self-care and stress relief is no laughing matter. Most humans 100% need to experience sexual pleasure regularly via masturbation. Here are some of the real benefits of self-pleasure:

  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve cramps
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase your focus
  • Boost your mood
  • Alleviate aches and pain
  • Have better partnered sex
  • Release sexual tension
  • Prevent anxiety and depression

Masturbation is an important method of getting all these lovely benefits, but it’s not the only way. We encourage you to find healthy ways to unwind and reduce work-related stress, whether through meditation, exercise, or a good solo session with your favorite toy.

Work-life balance is essential to remaining healthy and satisfied with life. Use these methods and a fantastic bedside buddy to achieve balance. 

Enjoy Stress Relief (At Home!) with Fleshlight

April Fools’ Day is an excellent time to remember the importance of keeping a sense of humor (even when it comes to diddling yourself). While masturbation in the workplace is a no-go, you can still explore some at-home stress relief with Fleshlight

Here at Fleshlight, we’re dedicated to designing body-safe, highly pleasurable toys for every sexual persuasion. Interested in exploring new methods of masturbation? Here are some resources to help you out:

What are you waiting for? Visit Fleshlight and pick out the at-home sex toy of your dreams. 

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