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The Art of Mindful Masturbation: Connecting with Your Body

Manifestation is the buzzword of the 2020s, and it’s a surprisingly powerful method of getting where you want in life. But what do the sexperts at Fleshlight care about manifesting

We’re introducing an age-old practice that’s seeing a resurgence—mindful masturbation. This unique method of jacking off is a complex form of manifestation that can lead to intense pleasure and achieving your goals. 

In this article, we’ll explain what this form of self-pleasure entails, how it works, and the stellar benefits of mindful masturbation. Start achieving your goals with better orgasms now!

What is Mindful Masturbation?

Well, it’s complicated. Mindful masturbation is the modern evolution of manifestation and an ancient practice called sex magick. Seriously, we’re not kidding. This article will cover actual magick. 

It’s actually a lot less mystical than it sounds (though, if you’re into potions and spells, let us know how it goes). Essentially, sex magic is about using your sexual energy to ‘manifest’ the things you want. It’s conditioning your brain into a positive ‘I can, I am, I will’ attitude instead of an ‘I can’t, I’m not, I won’t’ mindset. 

The modern form of this is mindful masturbation, and it uses sexual pleasure and the moment of orgasm to help you manifest. It’s like self-care on a whole other level and offers surprising benefits.

The Advantages of Mindfulness During Masturbation

Trying out mindful masturbation for the first time is an exciting process, especially considering all the perks of this sexual practice. 

Here are some of the key benefits of mindful meditation (of the sexual persuasion):

  • Helps you relax and unwind
  • Releases anxious feelings
  • Enhances your pleasure
  • Leads to better sex and deeper sleep
  • Treats conditions like Erectile Dysfunction
  • Enables you to reach your goals
  • Leads to clearer skin

A regular masturbation session can have some of the above benefits, but certainly not all. Your entire body and mind are fully present and engaged during mindful masturbation, leading to some powerful results. The best way to discover the benefits of mindful masturbation is to try it out for yourself. 

So, How Does Mindful Masturbation Work?

Beyond how it works, you’re probably wondering if it works. The answer is yes; it can help you connect with your pleasure on a new level and even make you a better partner. Here are the components of this form of self-love that make it so effective:

  • Mindfulness: This is the act of thoughtfully being in the present moment. It’s a method of centering yourself and focusing on specific goals, which, combined with pleasurable sensations, allows you to experience pleasure like never before.   
  • Power of the Orgasm: When you experience pleasure, and especially when you reach orgasm, you enter an altered state of consciousness where you kind of let go. All the worries and fears that usually cloud your mind and convince you that you can’t reach your goals are gone. In this chill state, a brain can easily be primed to be mindful of goals and wants (aka. being mindful). 
  • Benefits of a Satisfying Sex Life: There is tangible scientific research that says a healthy, happy solo and partnered sex life can lead to better mental and physical health. Focusing on having an excellent, intentional masturbation session every time will lead to this boost. 
  • Manifestation: We’ve mentioned goals and wants a lot. An essential factor of mindful masturbation is going in with a goal. Orgasm and mindfulness will unlock the subconscious, priming you for mental change. You need to go in with a goal for this process to work. (Even if that goal is just a stellar self-fucking session with new sensations and stimuli.) 

Beyond all the science and brain chemistry, it just makes sense that mindful masturbation practice that improves your mindset can lead to life success. 

Think about it; have you ever known someone always talking down about themselves? These kinds of people are their own worst enemy, and they rarely get what they want in life. It’s a horrible cycle that makes total sense.  

Therefore, having and working toward a positive, uplifting attitude has the opposite effect. 

So, how does it work? Great question! The masturbation techniques and meditation practices used to achieve a fulfilling, mindful masturbation session will differ based on the person. 

At its most basic, your sexual mindfulness practice should focus on not letting the mind wander, purposefully engaging different parts of your body in your session (i.e., erogenous zones), and prioritizing mental health. 

Best Practices for Enhancing Mindfulness

We’re not going to lie. Correctly doing mindful masturbation can be tough. Your whole body needs to be 100% focused on achieving mindfulness and pleasure. 

We’ve compiled a list of best practices to help you unlock your full potential with mindfulness. 

  1. Set an Intention: A goal or a purpose is needed during your session. This will be a top-of-mind thought that will help ‘reprogram’ your brain during heightened pleasure. 
  2. Set Aside Time: 20+ minutes is practically essential for a helpful session. You can do it in 10 or less, but it won’t be as satisfying.   
  3. Move Slowly: This is not a race. Move slowly and with purpose during your session. This will help you maintain mindfulness and engage with your pleasure. 
  4. Play With Breath: Switching up your breath can be both erotic and a form of meditation. Try yoga breaths, holding your breath, or even taking loud breaths. 
  5. Use a New Sex Toy: A new toy can help get you in the right mindset. Plus, different toys can enhance your experience and help you focus. 
  6. Explore Your Entire Body: This isn’t just about your dick or your vagina. Give attention to your whole body and all your holds. (Don’t leave the butt out.)
  7. End in Reflection: This can be an intense process with some lasting results. Reflect on the experience and allow yourself to feel all the emotions, whether elation, sadness, or just plain fatigue. 

Getting out of your own head during masturbation takes some work. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t experience true mindfulness during your first few tries. Keep at it, and you’ll be achieving your dreams through masturbation in no time. 

Stay Present in Every Solo Sesh with Fleshlight

Mindful masturbation is a miraculous trend that deserves every bit of press and attention. This technique can be challenging but offers ultimate pleasure and near-magical results. 

At Fleshlight, we’re committed to supporting everyone’s sexual journey. Our unique line of automated sex toys is specially designed to support mindful masturbation (and they’re just a good time in general). 

Discover some of the best sex toy mounts on the market, including:

  • Universal Launch: This automated stroker will move independently, delivering stunning pleasure. It’s almost like being fucked by another person!  
  • Quickshot Launch: Explicitly designed for the Quickshot line, this powerful machine is compact and durable.  
  • Shower Mount™: Allow the warm water to trickle down your skin as you sink into your favorite toy.  

Go hands-free with these delightful toys and sink into mindful pleasure. Completely disassociate from the physical world and engage in proper mindfulness sessions with the pros.

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