Ella Hughes: Our Fiery New Fleshlight Girl

Ella Hughes: Our Fiery New Fleshlight Girl


From the first time you set eyes on Ella Hughes, you knew there was more to her than many other girls who have come and gone as adult entertainers. With her signature red hair and petite, 32B-24-33 package, more than a handful of guys have lusted after this natural beauty. 

In the beginning, Ella’s initial career path couldn’t have been further away from where she has found herself today, at the top of the adult industry. 

“I always thought I’d be a lawyer, but when I was in my first year of studying law at university, things changed,” Ella Hughes said in an article for the BBC

“I was working so hard – in lectures from 9 am to 7 pm every day – that I couldn’t find a way to earn money. I didn’t really need the money – I had a student loan – but I hate depending on people and always wanted my own money. When a friend told me about cash-in-hand modeling for amateur photographers to help their portfolios, I jumped at the chance.” 

Ella’s innocent step into modeling quickly escalated into one of the fastest rises to porn superstardom in history. 

According to Ella Hughes, “I had some (initial) reservations because I knew it would be hard to pursue a career as a lawyer if I went into porn,” added Ella. “But I’ve always been quite sexually open. I used to go to S&M parties, and I love sex, so in the end, I decided to just try it,” she told the BBC in the 2017 interview.

Ella Hughes: Much More Than Just a Pretty Face


Keep in mind, although she has the innocent, “good girl” looks of a glamour model who tends to be reluctant to show it all on screen, Ella is known for her eagerness in hardcore scenes.

If you have seen Ella Hughes’s videos on Blacked, DDF, Brazzers, or any of the other top porn channels, you know she always gives it her all and never wants anyone she co-stars with to hold anything back.
Now, we’re happy (and grateful) to announce that we have teamed up with Ella as one of the most recent additions to the Fleshlight Girls team. 

Let’s take a quick look at her sleeve, which features the Candy texture.

Ella Hughes Fleshlight: The CANDY Texture


The experience starts with a tight, snug entry before expanding into a chamber of ribbed outer edges designed to tantalize your shaft.


This is as close as you’re likely ever to come to experience her in real life, so
if you’ve got a sweet-tooth, you’re in for a real treat. Fleshlight textures don't come much sweeter than Ella Hughes' Candy. 

Get yours here!

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