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Dating Advice with Violet Myers

Welcome to Dating Advice with the Fleshlight Girls. In today's feature, we connect with one of your favorite "big tits" Pornhub searches – the stunning Violet Myers! In our interview, Violet gives us her best advice on dating.     

Keep reading to learn what she had to share and level up your dating game today!

Let's begin.

First, Who Is Violet Myers?

An all-natural, big-breasted curvy porn superstar, Violet Myers was born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California, and raised in a half-Turkish, half-Latino household.

During college, Violet began building her audience on social media, where she showcased her all-natural, triple-D tits, thick ass, and obsession with hentai cosplay. 


There, she frequently uploaded seductive content on her various accounts that often went viral. At this point, Violet also dipped her toe into the "camming" world, where she earned cash stripping and masturbating for her legions of online fans.

After graduating with a clinical psychology degree, Violet knew she was at a crossroads – get a "real job" or capitalize on her carefully curated personal brand. 

Choosing the latter, Ms. Myers posted a Tweet that would change the course of her life forever: 

"I want to be a pornstar."

Ms. Meyers was immediately recruited, began to shoot scenes, and has seen a meteoric rise in stardom in a very short time. 

Today, with multiple AVN Fan Award nominations, a massive social media following, and millions of views across her ever-growing library of online pornography, it's impossible to ignore Violet's enormous influence on the industry.

Let's now check out what this busty babe had to share with us in our most recent one-to-one interview.

Dating Advice with Violet Myers

Fleshlight: Thank you for joining us today, Violet, and congratulations on becoming our newest Fleshlight Girl. I know your fans are interested in hearing your insight into all-things dating and relationships.

Violet: I'm going to be honest with you guys. I don't really date a lot. But I know it can be hard – people are kind of mean. 

I'm personally more into hooking up, not really dating people at this stage of my life. So, I will try to give you guys advice from my limited experience dating people. 

Please, don't be too harsh on me in the comments! 

Tip #1 Tactful Communication 

You know, I deal with many people who tell me, "Oh my God, I love you," on the first date. 

That can be scary.

Don't say I love you – you're going to scare them off, and you'll probably get blocked on everything.

If you like them, if you think they're attractive, like us women especially, we love being told that we look beautiful or pretty, or I love your eyes, or something similar. 

Compliments are great (for everyone – girls and guys). But use them sparingly. Don't be too intense!

Tip #2 Be Yourself

That's all I'm going to say – BE YOURSELF. 

I feel like if you're fake, you will attract a fake.

But if you're real and you're being yourself, you'll obviously attract somebody that you'll like as well. 

violet_myers butt

I think that's all I have, guys because I really suck at dating.

If I can eventually manage to have a relationship, then good for me. That will mean I was able to keep somebody, but yeah, don't look to me for dating advice (laughter).

I'm sure there are other videos that you guys can see here, on Fleshlight's YouTube channel (and blog), that will give you more advice. But this is it for dating advice with Violet Myers. 

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