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Dating Advice with Savannah Bond

Welcome back to a brand new edition of Dating Advice with the Fleshlight Girls. In today's feature, we connect with one of porn's top-searched Aussie stars, Savannah Bond.

As you'll see, in this one-on-one interview, Ms. Bond dishes out her top advice for dudes like us trying to level up our dating game. But before we read what she has to say, let's dive into a quick overview of Australia's top-rising star.

So, Who Is Savannah Bond? 

While easily recognized for her incredible tits, insatiable sexual desire, and Australian-infused dirty talk, her voluptuous ass has been her primary weapon in dominating today's world of porn.

Born on June 6, 1990, in Melbourne, Australia, Savannah Bond grew up in a well-to-do, conservative household, attending a private Catholic school during her high school years. During this time, Savannah was known as a mischievous troublemaker and social butterfly, always looking to have a good time. 

Once she was of age and determined to work in the world of porn, Savannah didn't waste any time, setting her sights on the biggest name in the industry, Jules Jordan, offering herself and her many assets to use as he saw fit.

Savannah Bond made her official adult film industry debut in February 2019 after flying to Los Angeles, California, and filming her first-ever sex scene with Fleshlight Guy Manuel Ferrara for

Today, Savannah Bond has stacked numerous awards and nominations while filming with some of the industry's biggest studios, such as Naughty America, Brazzers, and Nympho. These industry recognitions include an award for "Best Blowbang Scene" (AVN, 2022) and premiere nominations such as "Hottest Newcomer" and "Most Epic Ass" (AVN, 2020-2021). 

Dating Advice with Savannah Bond

So, when it comes to the dating game, what recommendations does Savannah have in store for us? 

Check out the video below, or simply keep reading to find out! 

Tip #1 Self-Care is Sexy

First, make sure you exercise and be as healthy as possible because that will ultimately make you feel both great internally and externally. And it's also excellent for your sex drive and mental health, among many other things.

Tip #2 Communication is Key 

My second recommendation is to discuss sex with your partner and communicate with each other. And that's going to keep things interesting for a long time. Also, you can stay on the same page this way. 

Tip #3 Avoid "Porn Positions" 

My next tip is not to copy the positions you see in porn because they're mostly designed to open us up to the camera (not pleasure). 

Instead, stay in a comfortable position and don't try to replicate anything too much because it's probably not going to feel good for you or your partner.

Tip #4 Change It Up

Lastly, my final tip is to try to have sex in different locations, like all over the house, outside in the car, and that's going to keep things really exciting and fun rather than in the same location every single time.

I think many people tend to mainly have sex in the same location over and over again. So if you're looking for some excitement, switch up your sex spots. 

Thank you for tuning in to this segment of Dating Advice with Savannah Bond. Explore her on a whole other level, and get her replica Fleshlights "From Australia with Love" and "Golden Sphincter" here today! 

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