Dating Advice with Luna Star

Dating Advice with Luna Star

Welcome back to a new edition of Dating Advice. In today's feature, we connect with one of your top Latina Pornhub searches – Luna Star! In our interview, Luna shares her best advice on dating in this day and age. 

Keep reading to learn what she had to share and level up your dating game in the process.

Ready? Let's go!

Who Is Luna Star?

If voluptuous big booty Latinas are what get you hard, Luna Star is your girl. She has it all: a tight and toned body, round and perky tits, and a world-class rear.

Luna Star Fleshlight GirlIn addition to these features, her sexy foreign accent and mischievous smile make her one of today's most irresistible adult stars.

Despite her voluminous 36C breasts and thick behind, Luna Star is relatively small, measuring 5 ft 4 inches (162 cm) and just 110 lbs. She's truly seen as the perfect girl for millions of men worldwide. 

Luna Star popped her porn cherry in 2012, filming her first hardcore scene with adult film studio MOFOS. Over a decade later, Luna Star has worked for a wide range of premier porn studios such as Hustler, Brazzers, and Naughty America.

Luna Star Fleshlight Girl

Unsurprisingly, Luna Star has locked down various industry awards and nominations for her adult film performances, including "Female Performer of the Year" and "Best Butt."

Now, without further ado, let's sit down with Ms. Star for a one-on-one interview where she'll share her very best tips for dicks. 

Dating Advice with Luna Star


Tip #1: Be Honest

I like to be honest from the start. 

I don't want you to pretend to be this amazing person and then tell me all your fucking dark secrets or all of your drama two years later.

I'm going to accept you if I love you. 

That's what people like to do – people lie so they can be accepted and then tell you the truth (later). 

And that's why most people don't break up because they're like, "I spent so much time with this person. I already invested so much in this person; I'm just going to keep going." 


Just cut it off and start again new. 

Tip #2: Feel Something

Like I said before, I haven't dated too much, but I do have my lovers. 

One of my biggest pieces of advice is just to find someone that actually makes you feel something different. 

Everybody wants sex from me... Everybody wants that for most other girls. But find someone you actually want to hang out with, and they don't care how you're dressing or putting on your make-up.

You can tell them everything, and they're not going to point fingers instead of understanding where you're coming from, someone you can talk to. 

I think one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is just to date someone who is your friend. 

Tip #3: Love yourself. 

If you cannot love yourself, nobody else will love you. 

If you don't respect yourself, nobody else is. 

Once you love yourself, the right person will come into your life. 

As always, we thank you for tuning in to this segment of FleshLife. Don't forget to explore Ms. Star's all-new like-like Fleshlights "Glimmer" and "Gleam" today!

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