Dating Advice with Eliza Ibarra

Welcome back to an all-new edition of Dating Advice with the Fleshlight Girls. In today's feature, we connect with one of today's most desired porn girls, the lovely Eliza Ibarra. 

In this one-on-one interview, the slender brunette shares advice for men looking for the best dating and relationship hacks. But before we see what she has to say, let's dive into a quick overview of this up-and-coming adult star.

Who Is Eliza Ibarra? 

Pornstar Eliza Ibarra has captivated men all over the globe with her exotic yet innocent look and willingness to go all out in hardcore scenes. Add to this her slim 34-inch waist, perky B tits, long modelesque body, and girl-next-door charm, and it's clear why she continues to rise amongst the ranks of today's hottest adult stars. 


A self-described "late bloomer," Eliza did not receive much attention from guys until senior year, once she began to develop curves and experiment with her sexuality.

From this point forward, men couldn't get enough, and her life was never the same again.

Eliza Ibarra's Career

Just one week shy of her 21st birthday, Eliza signed with Spiegler Girls, often regarded as among the adult film industry's top adult model agencies. Since then, Ms. Ibarra has gone on to work with household production studios such as Brazzers, Vixen, Blacked, and Bang Bros, to name a few. 

It should come as no surprise that Eliza has received numerous AVN nominations in just a few years, including Best New Starlet, Best POV sex scene, and Best Blow Bang Scene.

Dating Advice with Eliza Ibarra

What recommendations does Eliza have in store for us when it comes to the dating game? 

Check out the video below, or simply keep reading to find out! 

#1 Appreciate What You Have 

One of my top dating tips is always to appreciate what you have right in front of you. I often find that people don't appreciate what they have. And then once it's gone, they're left missing it and wanting it back. 

So always live in the moment, be very present in your relationships, and show as much love (as possible) while it's right there. 

#2 Don't Only Date for Marriage

My next dating tip is not to always date for marriage. You can meet somebody, date them, and they can have a really good impact on your life and teach you a lot of things. 

I don't think this means you have to be with them forever. 


You guys can grow with each other for that period of time and then move on later. So you don't always have to be with that one person forever.

#3 Maintain a Healthy Sexual Lifestyle

One last dating tip I have is to make sure you maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle with your partner. 

One way of doing this, for example, is to communicate what you like with one another because everyone likes different things. Some people want really fast, hard sex; others want super slow, sensual sex.

Make sure you communicate with your partner what you like and ask them what they want to do. That way, you guys are both satisfied. 

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