Calling All “Ball Players” -- It’s Time to Elevate Your Spring Training!

Calling all “ball players” ...and, well, you know what else you like to play with! However, if you follow MLB, then you already know spring training is happening now. No matter what team(s) you follow, it’s always fun to enjoy this little bit of “sneak preview” ahead of the regular baseball season.  If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere close enough to catch a practice, you’re already scoring!  


In the words of the MLB franchise itself, spring training offers: “unparalleled player access, intimate ballparks with distinct personalities, and up-close encounters with veteran stars and blossoming prospects.” Spring training is the motherload of fun for ball players and fans—and you know, some of those fellow MLB fans happen to be hot girls too, just saying... Ergo, if you’ve been sleeping on checking out a spring training game, sleep no more and take your a$$ out to the ballgame!  


But guess what? Baseball isn’t the only “spring training” happening around here. At Fleshlight,we’re invested in helping you work on your “game” all year long, which is why we created the Stamina Training line of products to help you stay pumped and primed when it matters most. All training is work, granted—but using your Fleshlight Stamina Training Unitis the best kind of “hard work” because you get to enjoy some mind-blowing orgasms along the way! 


Not sure where to start? Like any new fitness routine, Fleshlight Stamina Training toys allow you to set flexible goals and go at your own pace. We recommend checking out the Lady Stamina Training Unit, which was designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse. Using the Lady Stamina Training Unit can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques over time—and it can certainly heighten and intensify orgasms. As they say, “practice makes perfect,” but also regular masturbation does a man’s body and mind some serious good.  


If you are engaging in athletic training in the gym, or on the court or field this spring, it’s still important to give your body the release that only a good climax delivers.  Don’t believe the bs on certain other Internet forums out there: medical science debunks the myth that ejaculation lowers your testosterone and ruins athletic performance. If anything, engaging in sex or masturbation might even get you revved up ahead of the big game. If you make sure to get enough shuteye, hydration, and proper nutrition, then you should be [more than] good to go knock some balls out of the park. 


By the way: if you really enjoy (or prefer) some “back door” sporting events, we also make a perfectly tight and enticing Stamina Training Butt. Whether you prefer the regular Fleshlight lady or going “what what” with the butt, remember to lube up well before the “game” commences. Don’t let chaffing or discomfort ruin your seventh inning stretch! Lube well, lube often, and you won’t be striking out... 


Speaking of games, did you know renown adult starlet and Fleshlight Girl, Lisa Ann is a fantasy football, basketball, and baseball fanatic? She’s even reportedly blown off dates when she needs to drill down on a line-up. Draft Kings take note: that’s some dedication! Lisa has also shared some wild stories about hooking up with various pro-athletes that we can’t exactly repeat here, but yeah...after you buy Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight, go ahead and google what this busty MILF has gotten up to with some of the biggest stars in sports.  


If Fleshlight ever has a fantasy team going, we might seriously need to get Lisa to coach it...but in the meantime, feel free to slide into your Fleshlight--and picture Lisa Ann coaching you along... 



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