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Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

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Lisa Ann is one of those rare adult industry personalities who has stunned male fans with a long list of talents. These talents include serious work as a sports radio and television host, a talent agent for LA Direct Models, and a political activist for organizations like the Free Speech Coalition. She is an intellectual powerhouse, but this is balanced with an amazingly alluring figure. Some of her fans also know her as Zina Sunshine, Lisa, and Leesa. She has become a mentor to many younger emerging stars in the adult entertainment industry. Her input, which stems from a versatile career, is highly influential to producers, directors, and manufacturers of adult sex toys.

When it comes to her now infamous satirical portrayal of 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, she describes the venture in a unique way.

“I understand that being a new girl in the business can be a very lonely place...if 'Palin' had happened to me at 19, I don't know how I would've managed it...So, I reached out to her and we started just a little bit of mentoring...and I enjoyed the bond when we talked.”

Somehow, it's obvious that Lisa Ann made this particular political season much more exciting for the male demographic. Her experiences on and off the screen have been inspiring for some of the most popular young adult stars. Arguably, her most brilliant career-building move came in December of 2014. This is when she agreed to model for the creation of her signature Fleshlight designs. These designs compose the phenomenally popular Savage MILF Pack.

Every guy who has watched one of this star's productions is undoubtedly envious of the individual who earns the opportunity to have sex with Lisa Ann. She has a vibrant on-screen presence that is reminiscent of old-world sophistication but also a buoyant approach to sex that modern audiences demand. Though she has a gorgeous face and a gym-fit torso, her most outstanding features are below the waist. She is more than blessed with a curvaceous and welcoming ass, plus a girl-flower that makes men weak in the knees every time she flaunts it. These features are the inspiration for the Savage MILF Pack.

The Lisa Ann Barracuda Lady Sleeve

A look at the entry of this sleeve makes it obvious that Lisa Ann has always treated herself like a precious gem. The fleshy vaginal opening provides a superior “kiss” with its perfectly arranged layers of lips. Every womanly detail is preserved from Lisa Ann's exquisite body. The opening looks very youthful, but it is surprisingly accommodating for any gentleman, especially those very proud “double-digit boys.” It also has a wonderfully prominent clitoral hood, which is something that a woman of this caliber has used to her advantage. She has always been a passionate and intense performer. It's no doubt that she has enjoyed using her own body's responses to enhance her time in the adult industry. With this sleeve's design, a man can almost sense the intensity of Lisa Ann's own intimate arousal and ecstasy.

Inside this sleeve is an arrangement of ultra-smooth and nipple-like half-beads that massage a shaft in the most natural way. It can also be adorned with the added sensation of an innovative internal Fleshlight massaging nub pattern. Each row is arranged in forward and backward -- or inward and outward -- angles. These nubs provide a cinching sensation that comes from being intimately melded with an adult toy that was built for unimaginable pleasure. Used with the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, this Lisa Ann pocket pussy allows men to have the same enjoyment that their porn star counterparts have shared with her on-screen time and time again.

The Lisa Ann FleshLight Butt Sleeve

Within the annals of most male fantasies, the desire to conquer and ravish a beautiful backside exists. Men understand the need to get a little wild at times. Fortunately, a superstar like Lisa Ann understands and enjoys this desire as well. The Savage Sleeve Lisa Ann sex toy is a premier example of the type of booty that men drool over.

Again, this toy makes it obvious that Lisa Ann has always considered herself a top-tier vixen. Still, her anal area is appropriately associated with the term "savage." She loves this, and so do her male admirers. The entry of the Savage Sleeve is no less than the most perfect of puckers. It has an ideal swirl of wrinkles that point to the pleasure zone, a cute and uninterrupted sphincter, and a trademark butt dimple that adds to the sleeve's authenticity. Guys will discover that Lisa Ann's backside was created specifically to draw eager men inside with ease.

Don't forget, however, that this sleeve was named Savage for a reason. Inside, a soft helix-shaped ladder of contoured ribbing creates a rare and intense experience. It replicates the hidden, fleshy treasures within a woman's most private zone. This combination of sleeve features -- along with the optionally added sensations -- guarantees that every nook, cranny, and contour of the male shaft receives orgasm-inducing attention. This sleeve is savage enough that most men will want to keep a bottle of Gun Oil H2O or a tube of Astroglide nearby. The Savage Butt Sleeve abundantly illustrates why Lisa Ann's many industry awards were bestowed with such high praise and admiration.

Both the Lisa Ann pocket pussy and the Savage Butt Lisa Ann sex toy stand apart in the Fleshlight male pleasure collection. These Lisa Ann Fleshlights will definitely be among the top thrills of any man's solo time. Just like the feature films in which Lisa Ann stars, they will become favorites if a Fleshlight Orgy order is a plan.

For her 2013 movie directorial debut "MILF Revolution," Lisa Ann won the coveted AVN Award for starring in the "Best MILF Release." With the Barracuda and Savage Butt Fleshlight designs, men who have always wanted to have sex with Lisa Ann can achieve their own spectacular MILF release. Buy the Lisa Anna Fleshlight today! 


  • The full size Fleshlight is our largest option which accommodates 8-9 inches in length and a 7 1/2-inch girth.

Care Instructions

All Fleshlights are body safe made with our patented 100% phthalate-free SuperSkin™ material (beware of imitations).

*Trust Fleshlight-branded products to extend the life of your Fleshlight. Use only water-based lubricants to avoid damaging your Fleshlight.

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  • Barracuda

    The Barracuda texture is a gripping battery of unmatched pleasure. As you enter the sleeve, you will start with a subtle resistance of front-facing bristles. A thick passageway follows into a massaging grip-like feel as you are rubbed and tugged to relief.

  • Savage

    Tight, taboo, always hungry for more, mega MILF Lisa Ann is an anal sex aficionado and wants to feel you hit it from the backside. The most intriguing sensation yet, Savage is sure to give you a sexual rush like you’ve never felt before. Ribbed to captivate your every thrust Savage also offers a unique one-of-a-kind thrill of enhanced compression throughout to maximize your pleasure and heighten your anal fantasies.

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