Bro Chat with Johnny Sins

Bro Chat with Johnny Sins

What’s up, Flesh Life readers! In today’s blog post, we have a very special guest. 
You might recognize him as your wife’s doctor, neighbor’s plumber, or maybe even your daughter’s college professor. 

All jokes aside, today we sit down with an all-around great guy, world-famous male pornstar, Johnny Sins, for a one-on-one interview. 

We call this segment, “Bro Chat.” Today, Johnny dishes out advice on sex and picking up women.

Check out the video below or simply keep reading to learn what the legendary adult star had to say.

Johnny Sin’s Sex Advice: How to Last Longer in Bed

People always ask me, “How do you last so long in scenes?” They also often want to know, how can they last longer in bed. 

First what I always tell everyone is lasting longer is all mental. It's all in your head. 
So, if you're at that point where you don't feel like you can hold it back anymore, this is what I always recommend: You really need to start changing what's in your head.


So, I always tell guys if you want to last longer (it sucks) but don't necessarily think about what's happening. I suggest doing math in your head - that sometimes works - you know just do your multiplication times tables. 

If that doesn't work try something like baseball stats or something like that. Something you're interested in. 

Now, if that doesn't work, one thing I always say to try to think of - and this is if you REALLY need to hold back - think about like your biggest fear. 

That usually does the trick. 

This allows you to subdue your orgasm and you can go longer! 

Another tip, if these other tricks aren’t working: If you want to last longer and you're at that point you're at that verge of... (orgasming) people are always like,

“Well, that’s not working. What else can I do to last longer?”

I always say to (simply) STOP. 

One of my tricks is to just go in deep, as far as you can, and just stop because it's the movement that's gonna make you come. 

So, you just stop for 20 seconds and either make out with your partner or do something else and then wait for the feeling to subdue. Wait for that orgasm to kind of go away and then you can start again. 

If you keep doing that you can build up your mental strength over time. This way you can start lasting longer without having to think about weird things. 

Johnny Sin’s Dating Advice: How To Pick Up Girls

Guys always ask me, “How can I pick up girls?” 
I always say to not worry about it too much. 

A lot of guys go to the bar or the club and their main goal is to pick up girls.

Really, what you should do is go to the club and hang out with your friends, hang out with your boys. 

Girls see that if you're just the guy in the room trying to check out all the girls, trying to talk to all the girls... Most girls (in this scenario) aren't going to be that interested in you. 

But, if you're the guy hanging out with your friends having a good time with his friends, you’ll likely catch eye contact with a girl across the room. She’ll see that you're just there to hang out with your friends and have a good time. You're not the player type that's just trying to get laid at the club. 

When it comes to dating, that's always my biggest advice for guys. Don’t worry about it so much, quit tripping out about it, and the girls will come.

Well, there you have it. That concludes “Bro Chat” with Fleshlight Guy Johnny Sins! 

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  • Thanks for hanging out with us today. Until next week’s post!
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