Booty Basics: How to Properly Clean Anal Toys

You want to get down and dirty with your sex toys, but you don’t actually want your toys to be grimy. Properly sanitizing your bedside bestie keeps things fun, pleasurable, and safe. 

Fun fact: running your anal toys under warm water after a session isn’t enough. In this article, we’ll cover precisely why sterilization of sex toy materials is so important and offer the best tips on cleaning your specific toys. 

Let’s get clean so we can get filthy again. (; 

Why Toy Cleanliness Is Key

Disinfecting your toys, toy storage, and play environment are all vital practices. Simply wiping off your toys with a clean towel and calling it a day won’t cut it. The cleaning process required to remove all foreign contaminants from your beloved anal toy is a bit more involved. 

Here are the risks of playing with improperly cleaned or unclean toys (with and without partners):

  • Bacterial vaginosis: Okay, we know we’re not the only ones who have used a butt plug or anal dildo to stimulate other parts of the body. Any unclean toy in the vagina could trigger this painful vaginal infection. 
  • Yeast infections: Yes, a yeast infection can happen in and around your anus. These infections require antibiotics to get rid of, and they hurt like a mother, making any sexual activity (and even your daily poo) very painful. 
  • Transfer of STIs: Anal beads are even more fun with friends, but not washing these toys after play or failing to use proper protective material could result in an unwanted STI. 
  • Broken toys: Every toy, from the stainless steel plugs to the silicone vibrators, will degrade and break if not consistently cleaned. Sanitizing every crevice of your toys will ensure they continue to bring you sweet sensations for years. 

Your bodily fluids, environmental contaminants, and a partner's genital situation create opportunities for bacteria growth and infection. Clean sex toys give you the peace of mind that your sexual fun isn’t dangerous. 

After a toy cleaning session, you’re free to sink into whatever fantasy you please, worry-free. It’s the assurance you need when having some “me-time” with your anal friend. 

Getting Down to Business: Materials Matter

There are oodles of sex toys out there, and they can’t all be cleaned the same way. First off, you’ll need to understand the difference between nonporous toys (made entirely with nonporous materials), porous toys (made entirely with porous materials), and mixed porosity toys (made with both nonporous and porous materials). 

Nonporous toys consist of borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass, metal, silicone, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. These toys are made of materials that don’t allow liquid or air to pass through them. This means they are less likely to store bacteria and, by nature, more durable during aggressive cleanings. 

Porous toys include latex, jelly rubber, and any material with high elastomer (super stretchy). These toys are made with materials that have itty bitty holes in them, potentially hiding grounds for bacteria. This material requires a more gentle but extremely thorough cleaning. 

Mixed porosity toys include battery-operated toys and toys that mix materials. For example, an anal dildo with a long, hard plastic phallus may have a soft rubber outer coating for extra realistic sensations. These toys must be washed as if porous, using a thorough but gentle technique. 

How to Clean Your Anal Toys

You need more than lube and a dream to properly use anal toys. An optimized cleaning routine using the proper equipment is what you need to get off safely. 

Here is our expert step-by-step guide to keeping anal toys in tip-top shape:

  1. Prep your space: You will need a clean, disinfected space to work with both for initial cleaning and air drying your toys. Ensure you've cleaned your work surface with antibacterial soap or you're working over a clean washcloth. 
  2. Choose the right tools: A sex toy cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool. These cleaners are designed to clean toys and are 100% body-safe. However, if you’ve run out of specialized cleaners, unscented mild soap will do. Grab a clean, damp cloth and some sanitized water, as well. 
  3. Proper cleaning for nonporous toys: You can use the above tools to clean your nonporous toys, or you can toss them in the dishwasher or boiling water. The dishwasher must be set to disinfect mode, and boiling must be done carefully without letting the toy rest on the bottom of the hot bowl. 
  4. Proper cleaning for porous and mixed toys: Cleaning these toys requires a more delicate approach. Take your sex toy cleaner and other supplies and get to scrubbing, ensuring every inch is clean and disinfected. 
  5. Store your toys: Let your toys fully air dry before storage. Then, place your devices in a dry place shaded from damaging UV light. 

From glass toys to silicone toys to jelly toys—getting all your toys soapy clean isn’t a complicated process. The key is consistency. 

Tips and Tricks for Maximum Cleanliness

Ideally, you use your anal toys often. This frequent use means a pretty regular cleaning routine. We’re here to offer tips and tricks to make this process easier. 

First, keep all your cleaning supplies in one central location. This convenient storage will make the actual cleaning process go much quicker. 

Second, use a drying rack to air dry your toys. This tool will help evenly circulate air around your toy and reduce your wait time. Always avoid using paper towels for drying, as they can add lint and debris to the surface of your clean toy. 

Finally, store your newly cleaned and dried toy in a sanitized location like your bedside table. Store all your toys in the same spot for convenience. 

With a little TLC, anal toys can stay fresh, clean, and oh-so-inviting for every play session.

Dealing with Tough Stains and Odors

So, you’re an anal sex toy aficionado, and you’ve noticed some stubborn stains or lingering odors that just won’t scrub away. Don’t worry; this is super common! 

We normally never recommend using bleach or a serious disinfecting liquid like bleach; however, it may be your best option in cases of tough odors and stains. 

The best method is to use a toothbrush to rub bleach over the affected area of your toy. Use a gentle circular motion, reapplying the bleach as needed. Use gloves to protect your hands and clean in a well-ventilated space. You may need to repeat this process multiple times before seeing a result. 

After you’re done with the bleach, we recommend running your anal toy through its regular cleaning routine at least twice. Note that this method can only be used for nonporous toys or the nonporous part of a battery-operated toy. Do not use bleach on any toy that may absorb the chemical, as this may lead to an uncomfortable ER visit. 

Stay Fresh and Clean with Fleshlight

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