August's Fleshlight Girl Spotlight: Elsa Jean - Fleshlight

August's Fleshlight Girl Spotlight: Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is the petite blonde beauty that men across the globe can't help but fall for. Her long golden hair and her perfect pouty lips are just two things men adore about this midwestern-raised nubile. Whether she is playing the sexy college co-ed or enticing viewers as a sultry vixen, Elsa Jean is the epitome of youthful sass and class - everything that you want in a pornstar today.


We brought on Elsa as our newest Fleshlight Girl in July of 2018, and we knew right from the get-go that she was a fine choice. Even today, now halfway through 2021, Elsa continues to be amongst our top 10 Fleshlight Girls in sales. This month, we felt it was her time to be named our newest Fleshlight Girl of the Month. 

First things first – in case you don't know her – who is Elsa Jean?

Early life

Born in Ohio on September 1st, 1996, Elsa attended Hoover High School in North Canton. During high school, this adorable lifesize Barbie doll considered herself to be a shy girl. While she dated around, she would only go out with older guys and always in secret so that her parents wouldn't know what she was up to.

A bright, savvy teen, Ella graduated high school when she was just sixteen years old and went straight to college at George Mason University. Here, she began studying to become a surgical assistant, but after just two years, at 18 years old, she opted to transition into porn rather than continue her studies.

Elsa Jean's Porn career

If you've ever seen the Pixar movie "Frozen" you might remember Elsa, the white-haired snow queen. Well, if you've ever wondered where Ms. Jean got her stage name from, you now have your answer.


Just a few years into the porn industry, Elsa is not only a fan-favorite Fleshlight Girl but amongst the top-ranked pornstars on Pornhub with an enormous social following to boot. She's one of the most stunning girls in the industry today with her tight natural body, long icy blond hair, and piercing green eyes. 

So, how exactly did Elsa Jean end up getting into porn?

The reason was simple – she was young, horny, and looking for great sex. 

At the time, her sex life was pretty weak, and she was constantly watching porn while alone. At one point, the frustration built up to a point where she couldn't take it anymore, and she knew there was one career path (and lifestyle) where she could get it any time, at the drop of a hat – the porn industry.

Since taking the plunge at eighteen years old, Elsa has filmed for a wide range of production studios, including Evil Angel, Digital Sin, Blacked, Team Skeet, along many others.

Let's now get to the good stuff, the reason you're here. Introducing Elsa Jean's two signature Fleshlights, "Tasty" and "Treat."

Elsa Jean's Lady Fleshlight: Tasty

If you're a fan of a meaty labia, Elsa Jean's "Tasty" is your dream Fleshlight. With this sex toy, there's no need to rush to penetrate her. Take your time to gently graze your shaft up and down and side to side using her wonderfully full lips to get you going. 


Once you're ready, enter her and feel her wrap firmly around your member. Elsa Jean's Tasty is a pussy Fleshlight built with gripping tightness and novel elements from start to finish. If you love ribs, bumps, and waves of pleasure, this is a must-own sleeve for any fan of this blonde cutie.


Elsa Jean's Butt Fleshlight: Treat

With a backdoor as petite and adorable as the star herself, Elsa's butt Fleshlight is an outstanding choice when deciding on which Fleshlight Girl sleeve to make your next purchase.


Instead of using only ribs and tight canals, "Treat" combines anal-like tightness with exciting new structures and interesting constrictions. Once you penetrate her rear, you're met with an array of smooth bumps and a snug, tight rib that ensures the entire experience feels like a true-to-life anal adventure. 


August’s Fleshlight Girl of the month, Elsa Jean, and her Fleshlights are not to be missed. 

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