Angela White Featured on Penthouse Q&A

Angela White Featured on Penthouse Q&A



Angela White is the definition of self-made success and is currently Australia’s hottest export in the adult world right now

She’s in demand and her schedule is hectic, but Angela kindly made time to sit down with Penthouse for an exclusive insight into what it takes to become a Fleshlight Girl – now one of the adult industry’s most sought after seal of approvals.

What was your reaction once you had been selected to be Australia’s first Fleshlight girl?

It is an honour and a privilege to represent the number one selling male sex toy in the world and to be the very first Australian Fleshlight Girl is a dream come true.

Talk us through the process – is it difficult to get a Fleshlight deal?

It’s the most sought after and most lucrative product endorsement for any female porn star so there is a lot of competition. The Fleshlight team is very selective and there are currently only 24 Fleshlight Girls worldwide. Being a business woman and entrepreneur definitely gave me a competitive advantage when Fleshlight reached out to me and asked for a biography for their consideration. I put together a 22-page proposal with graphs and statistics about my social media reach, the daily unique views of my personal website and details of my academic and political achievements. I was informed that I was the first Fleshlight candidate to put together such a comprehensive review and the Fleshlight team expressed how impressed they were with my professionalism, which is matched by the passion I bring to my porn scenes.

What happened when you went to the factory to get moulded?

The Fleshlight team flew me to Austin, Texas to be moulded in their warehouse. The day I arrived I was given a tour of the warehouse. I got to see the Fleshlights actually being made, boxed and prepared to be shipped directly to customers and wholesale to stores. Then they showed me the shelving where the completed sleeves are stored. Each Fleshlight Girl has a shelf with her name on it. When I realised that very soon I would have my own shelf next to Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, Tera Patrick, Stoya and other industry legends I felt like I’d swallowed a thousand butterflies.

The moulding for my Fleshlights happened the next day. Before the process began I needed to masturbate. There is a significant difference between an aroused vulva and a vulva at rest. When aroused, blood fills the genitals and the inner and outer labia engorge so that the clitoris is then exposed from behind the hood. The Fleshlights need to have that horny look so I was taken to a room with walls of brand new vibrators and dildos to choose from. I wanted to focus on clitoral stimulation so I chose 2 high-powered vibrators.

We went into the moulding room and I masturbated on a medical bed under bright lights with 5 people in the room – which would probably be disconcerting to some but is quite normal for me. Once aroused, my pussy and butthole were measured and close up, hi-res images were taken. Then a gooey solution was slathered onto my genitals. The mixture heats up as it sets which was a lovely sensation with the added bonus of keeping me aroused. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to harden and you have to stay still the entire time. The Fleshlight team were kind enough to help hold my legs up when they began to tire.

What does being a Fleshlight Girl mean in the adult industry?

Being a Fleshlight Girl is a seal of approval; it goes a long way to confirming your status as one of the biggest stars in the adult industry. It is very humbling that Fleshlight have recognised the hard work I’ve put into my career and the professionalism with which I’ve built my brand.


Why do you think the Fleshlight has become the No.1 sex toy for men?

The most obvious reason that Fleshlight is the number 1 male sex toy is that it feels so good! Their patented Superskin textures are the closest material to real human flesh I’ve ever felt. Then there is also the quality of the product. The sleeves are still made in the USA unlike most other sex toys which are manufactured in China using questionable methods and often dangerous materials. The materials Fleshlight use are non-toxic and do not contain phthalates.

Do you receive feedback from fans about the Fleshlight?

I have received so much positive feedback from fans! My fans love being able to use my Fleshlight while watching my videos because it makes the experience feel all the more real. But even more significantly fans have told me that my promotion of the product has helped to destigmatise masturbation for them and many fans who are virgins or not currently dating have told me what a relief it is to have the Fleshlight. The sleeves can also be used to help increase stamina and used with a partner to spice things up.

What role has branding played in launching your career?

I take my branding very seriously and that’s one of the reasons I was so keen to team up with Fleshlight. Being a Fleshlight Girl strengthens my brand and places me amongst a very established group of performers. Brand association is very important and you’ll notice that I choose top tier talent for the scenes I produce on my website, not just because they are amazing people to work with, but also because they understand the importance of professionalism. But the most important part of having a well established and recognised brand is that it helps to get more eyes on my content. Being able to share my sexual journey with the world has been a very intimate and amazing experience and good branding helps to facilitate and spread my message: that sexuality should be embraced and celebrated.

As an Adult Star how important is it to be sophisticated with social media?

Maintaining a social media presence is critical to engaging with your audience. It’s also the front line of your brand. I try to maintain a delicate balance between promoting my products, sharing my message and giving an insight into my daily life and personality. People don’t follow me on Twitter to be spammed with advertisements. But at the same time, I don’t think it’s tasteful or necessary to post all of your thoughts online. In an industry that tends to be overly explicit it’s nice to have a little mystery.


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