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The Alien Fleshlight Incursion - 3 Days Only!

We've all seen it. 

The movie industry has shown us countless scenarios of how a sudden extraterrestrial invasion could play out.

However, despite these warnings, nothing could prepare us for the Alien Incursion we now have on our hands… 

fleshlight alien incursion

Stick your manhood deep into the great beyond with our Alien Fleshlight collection. With four styles to choose from, your alone time with your favorite sci-fi flick will never be the same again.

This 3-day close encounter of the preferred kind will be quick (and climatic), so act fast! 

The Alien Fleshlight

Whether you’re a sci-fi nerd, have an alien fetish, or just want an all-new way to get off, this male masturbator gets the job done and then some. 


A truly out-of-this-world sexual sensation, the Alien Fleshlight's pearlescent blue slit promises to beam you up and fulfill your most erotic desires. With its alluring double clitoris and gorgeous gaping entry, this is an alien vag you'll want to cum in again and again.


Our exclusive Alien texture blends three sensations into one canal: a twisting and turning spiral entry, a snug lotus node, and our intense, densely ribbed Stamina Training Unit bumpy corridor to finish you off.

What's Included

Here's what you'll receive in your Alien Fleshlight package:

  • Classic black case

  • Exclusive Alien sensation

  • Instructions for use and care

What are you waiting for? It's time to ignite some interstellar eroticism. 

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Alien Queen

For even more interstellar intercourse, you need more than just one alien girl to satisfy your needs – you need to add a Queen to your collection, too!


With its snug yet welcoming green lips, the Alien Queen Fleshlight was designed to engulf your erection and bring you to orgasm at the speed of light.

The Alien Queen texture maintains a consistent tightness throughout its interior while featuring a blend of bumps, ridges, and stellar suction. 


What's Included

Here's what you'll receive in your Alien Queen Fleshlight package:

  • Classic black case

  • Exclusive Alien Queen lady sensation

  • Instructions for use and care

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Alien Quickshots

The Alien Quickshots have landed, bringing with them an otherworldly sexual experience. 

Perfect for either solo or partner play, the Alien Quickshots are smaller, more compact, and discreet than our Alien and Alien Queen, full-size Fleshlights.  

Available in two orifice combinations (lady/butt or mouth/butt) orifice combination, you may also select between metallic blue or metallic green sleeve.

The Lady + Butt Alien Quickshot


The Mouth + Butt Alien Quickshot


All Alien Quickshots begin with a realistic, snug entry-point and are lined with a highly-texture never-before-seen cross-grid designed to gently massage your member as you stroke you back and forth, driving you (or your partner) wild with delight.



Here's what you'll receive in your Alien Quickshot package:

  • Open-ended patented clear SuperSkin

  • Alien sleeve

  • Alien Mini-Lady/Butt orifice (option 1)

  • Alien Mini-Butt/Mouth orifice (option 2)

  • Sleeve caps on each end for convenient storage

Remember, this Alien Incursion only lasts for three days (May 4th - 6th), so act fast! 

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