7 Earth-Shattering Benefits of Masturbation

7 Earth-Shattering Benefits of Masturbation

Almost everyone masturbates, but the health benefits of masturbation aren't widely known or spoken about. Masturbation doesn't have to be a taboo subject; everyone should know its exact benefits and perks. 

In this article, we will delve into the act of masturbation and the effect it has on the body and your mental state. 

Is Masturbation Actually Healthy?

Yes! The great news is that masturbation is a healthy, normal practice that can benefit you in many ways. 

The only issue that comes into play is when excessive masturbation starts to interfere with your daily life. If you notice yourself missing appointments, skipping social gatherings to jack off, or losing out on opportunities, you may have an issue. Otherwise, feel free to masturbate to your heart's content. 

7 Masturbation Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

There are many, many benefits to a well-rounded solo-pleasure experience. These are just the top seven most common benefits that most get out of masturbating.

Improve Your Mood

When you masturbate, there is a serious rush of hormones that flood your brain. These chemicals and endorphins include oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin which all flood neurotransmitters and fill you with a pleasant high. 

Each powerful chemical works to lower stress hormones and cortisol and boosts your overall mood. Even if you don't reach ejaculation, you'll still benefit from this stampede of hormones. 

Give Your Sex Life a Boost

It can be frustrating to cum before you're ready with a sexual partner. Sometimes lasting longer in bed can be a real struggle, especially with a new partner. 

Regular masturbation can help you reliably last longer. Here's how:

  • Sensation exposure: Using a sex toy that is modeled after a vagina or bum can be especially helpful. Constant exposure to the sensations of sex and sexual pleasure will help you get used to the feeling and last longer during the real thing. 
  • Avoid erectile dysfunction: Masturbation is by no means a complete fix for ED or other sexual dysfunction, but it can help build self-esteem and confidence and increase blood flow to your member.  

You deserve a fantastic sex life. Masturbation can help you practice and build needed stamina for the real deal. 

Sleep Better at Night

Insomnia is practically a pandemic, with 1 in 3 adults struggling with insomnia symptoms. There are many methods to help you sleep, from melatonin to regular exercise to avoiding caffeine. 

None of these techniques are as enjoyable as masturbation. Regular masturbation can relax your body and help you sleep better. 

After masturbating, you'll normally notice a lethargic, sleepy feeling. The feel-good hormones released are designed to make you happy and pleasant, but relaxation is a common side effect. 

Try masturbating right before bed to help put you to sleep. Combining self-pleasure with other sleep-inducing techniques can result in a more consistent, better sleep cycle.  

Safely Explore Your Body

Sexual drive is a normal sensation that pushes most people to explore their bodies and seek pleasure. However, partnered sex comes with many, many risks, including:

  • STDs: Common sexually transmitted infections include HPV, Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis, and more. These conditions are often challenging to recognize and treat. While a condom or dental dam can prevent the spread of STDs, they are not foolproof against any sexual activity. 
  • Pregnancy: No pregnancy prevention method is 100% successful. If you're having heterosexual sex, then you're risking pregnancy. 
  • Painful sex: Learning how to have safe, pain-free sex can take time and communication between partners. Some individuals even have clinical issues that make sex more painful. 

Masturbation is a safe way to explore your body and learn your preferences; there is no risk of STDs, pregnancy, or pain when it's just you. Plus, masturbation can help improve general wellness and help you discover how to have painless sex.  

Don’t forget to use lubrication even during masturbation sessions. Both female masturbation and male masturbation are made easier and safer with quality lube

Decrease Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

There's a myth that masturbation may lead to a heart attack, but it may actually improve your heart health. When masturbating, your heart activity is raised to a mild or moderate level. 

This is similar to the heart rate experienced during some types of exercise. In theory, masturbation is like a workout for your heart. 

Over time this practice can almost improve the muscle tone of your heart and stimulate cardiovascular health. 

There needs to be more clinical research on the positive effects of masturbation on the heart to determine the exact benefits. However, self-pleasure certainly doesn't hurt your cardiovascular system and can actually give you a boost. 

Your self-pleasuring sexual behavior can also lower your risk of prostate cancer in addition to improving heart health. It’s a win all around. 

Naturally Relieve Your Pain

Have a cold? Struggling with migraines? Try masturbation! Masturbation and orgasms have been known to work as a natural pain reliever. 

The rush of hormones floods your brain and quickly gives you a sense of pleasure and levity. This feeling can act as a natural pain relief, easing tension and distracting you from unpleasant symptoms. 

Getting off when you're unwell can be challenging, though. Here are some tips to get you in the mood and experience some pain relief:

  1. Set the mood: Clean sheets, a dark room, and sexy music can all contribute to a relaxed environment that puts you in the self-pleasure mind space. 
  2. Pair with a pill: Using over-the-counter pain relief in combination with masturbation can help to eliminate painful symptoms. 
  3. Use a toy: Sometimes, using your fingers is an intensive process that you may not be up for when you're feeling unwell. A sex toy can help make masturbation fun and easy, delivering a soothing orgasm faster than ever. 

The next time you start to feel ill, use your sex drive to improve your immune system by engaging in masturbation. The resulting sexual satisfaction will lessen symptoms and relieve sexual tension. 

Combat Poor Mental Health

You should always seek professional support for mental health treatment. However, masturbation can help combat mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 

The uplifting hormones that come with masturbation can help snap you out of a funk and act as a natural treatment. Having a normal sexual health routine can also help boost spirits and general well-being. 

It's standard for people to use masturbation in their daily routine to feel better and relax. If you notice yourself using self-pleasure to boost mental health or even your body image, don't worry, it's totally normal. 

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