6 Must-See Halloween Horror Porns

6 Must-See Halloween Horror Porns

There's just something about Halloween that's genuinely arousing.

Whether it's the revealing costumes, the rush that accompanies sudden fear, or a combination of the two, there's no denying it's one of the sexiest days of the year.

To help get you in the mood, today we're going to share six of our favorite horror-themed XXX films. And while these have the potential to jangle your nerves with fear, rest assured they're far sexier than they are scary.

Now, let's look at six adult films you can fap away your fears to this Halloween.

#1 The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody

Unlike the real 'Walking Dead,' you won't be wishing this one would finally just end...(11 seasons and counting) 

In this version, Fleshlight Girl Joanna Angel leads and directs a star-studded cast of talented pornstars in a riveting story of life and death.

The Walking Dead: A Hardcore ParodyAfter months in a hospital bed, County Sheriff Rick (Tommy Pistol) awakens to a world that has been overrun by zombies. 

Even more troubling, he finds these zombies are not just hungry for brains but also sex – a jizz shot is the only surefire way to return these undead creatures to the grave! 

But, of course, when the zombies look like Joanna, Jessie Lee, and Kleio Valentien, is this really such a bad thing?

Find out for yourself – click here to check out The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody.

#2 Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2

If you're looking for a XXX horror flick that showcases a truly epic cast of Fleshlight models, you'll be thrilled to learn about Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2. Starring Nikki Benz, Mia Malkova, Janice Griffith, Riley Reid, Dillion Harper, and Fleshlight Guy, Ryan Driller, there may be no other porno out there so deserving of pairing with your favorite Fleshlight toy.

Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2

In this adult film, Nikki Benz is the leader of a gang of horny vampires with an insatiable thirst for blood and sex. While they prey on men to feed their dark instincts and preserve their immortality, they also allow you to witness them in a wild threesome where they eagerly fool around with one another, seducing any man who may lay eyes on them. 

Whether you're a longtime fan of the vampire genre or want to get your rocks off an all-star lineup of our hot and horny Fleshlight Girls, Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2 is right up your alley.

Click here to access this XXX Halloween classic.

#3 The Wicked

Led by Fleshlight Girl Tori Black, Kaylani Lei, and Stormy Daniels, The Wicked is a supernatural horror porn well deserving of your attention this Halloween.

The Wicked

The story begins with five young friends embarking on a road trip to attend an annual festival in the desert. The eclectic group is looking forward to a free-spirited weekend, a place to let down their hair and escape their hectic lives. But what begins as mild paranoia becomes a dangerous game when one of them goes missing. 

Soon after, the danger intensifies into a horrifying reality as they learn "The Wicked" has awakened, and they must do everything in their power to fend for their lives. 

Can you survive 'till dawn? 

There's only one way to find out – check out The Wicked this Halloween.

#4 The XXXorcist

"The power of Christ cumpels you!"

Joanna Angel is back for yet another dark pornographic spin on a fan-favorite piece of horror-themed cinema.

The XXXorcist

The XXXorcist centers around a possessed woman, Regan Teresa Macfeel (Joanna Angel), and priest Father Merkin (Tommy Pistol).

In the film, Regina is locked in her bedroom and frequently visited by Merkin, who tries every exorcism technique known to man. When he's only left with one remaining option, he attempts to screw the devil out of Regan – one last-ditch effort to save her soul from the depths of hell.

To add to the chaos, during Father Merkin's tireless attempts, Regan's mother, Mrs. MacFeel, looks on helplessly until she too succumbs to evil and becomes possessed. 

It's here that Father Merkin is forced to fight for his soul with his cock as his only form of self-defense against overwhelming dark forces.

Watch this terror-porn masterpiece here.

#5 Camp Cuddly Pines PowerTool Massacre 

Borrowing from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Blair Witch Project, this scary satirical smut film stars Fleshlight Girl Jessica Drake and porn legend Stormy Daniels.

Camp Cuddly Pines PowerTool Massacre

In it, we find five college students on their way to an out-of-town rock concert when they suddenly take a wrong turn and find themselves at an abandoned summer camp.

As they step out of the car to explore their surroundings, they soon find themselves pursued by a masked killer who stalks and kills them off one by one. 

Ever true to its slasher/porn genre, in between the bloodletting, the young students find ample time to "get it on" with one another. 

Experience this horror porn for yourself - watch it here!

#6 Re-Penetrator

Produced by the legendary Joanna Angel, Re-Penetrator is a pornographic spoof of H.P. Lovecraft's 80's horror flick Re-Animator. 

It's the story of a stripper who, after being dead for twenty years, is resurrected back to life by a perverted mad scientist, Dr. Breast. 


To bring Joanna back to life, the crazy doctor vaginally injects her long-dead but exquisitely preserved corpse with a gooey green special serum. His hope is that her re-penetrated corpse will not only return to life but be reborn with an insatiable sexual desire. 

As you could have surmised, the stripper awakens, and the Doc immediately proceeds to fill her with his dick moments after filling her with life.

 Make sure to add this bloody and gory fuck fest to your list of must-see horror pornos!

And with that, we conclude this rundown of some of our favorite Halloween-themed X-rated films. 

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Stay safe and Happy Halloween!  

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