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Jan 04, 2018

6 Facts About Condoms That Explain These Hilariously Bad Stock Photos


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Learning about sex is awkward. Not as awkward as these weird stock photos though. At least this session of sex-ed is funny!

1. Condoms are not reusable.

If you take a condom off for any reason at any time during sex, replace it with a new condom.

2. Condoms don't last forever.

Always check the wrapper for the expiration date. An expired condom will not fully protect against sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy.

3. Two condoms are not better than one.

Using two condoms actually increases the likelihood of condom failure. They'll rub together, and the friction increases the chances of tearing.

4. Condoms are not fixable.

If a condom is punctured or torn, toss it. Period.

5. Combining male and female contraception is a wonderful idea!

Birth control methods for women only protect against pregnancy, not STDs. Wrap it up to protect yourself.

6. Safe sex is incredibly macho.

Take it from this guy.

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