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What To Never Say On A First Date (If You Want A Second One)

A first date generally goes one of two ways: swimmingly...or you want to swim away immediately. But even the best date can be instantly ruined if you blurt out the wrong thing.

We’ve partnered with truTV’s Friends of the People to warn you of things you absolutely must NOT say on a first date. If you feel one of these word-spasms coming on, make sure to stuff your mouth full of whatever food is nearby.

And make sure to tune into “Friends of the People,” truTV’s first sketch comedy show, on Tuesdays at 10/9C. The New truTV: Way More Fun.


The Trivial Complainer
“I hate my job. I don’t get out ‘til, like, 6 pm and I’m just so tired all the time”

“My elevator is so slow, it takes forever to get the second floor. I’m really thinking about calling my landlord.”

The Unwanted Financial Advisor
“So -- how much money you make?”

The Ex Files
“My ex never wanted to come to this place. Never wanted to go anywhere actually. That was probably the reason we broke up. But I hardly ever think about them anymore. Glad you’re here!”

The Online Stalker
“I saw pictures from your beach trip on Facebook. Looked like fun! What was that, like, 3 years ago?”

The Parent Trap

“It’s absolutely crazy how much you remind me of my mom. Wait, check out this picture of her when she was young.”

The Food Police
“Are you not hungry? Because you’ve hardly touched the food I ordered you.”

“Wow! You inhaled that. I’ve never seen anyone eat that much that quickly.”

The Preemptive Non-Committer
“It’s so nice to finally meet you! Just a heads up, I’m not looking for anything serious, just something, you know, casual.”

The Over-Texter
“Sorry, this is the last one. My roommate’s cousin keeps bugging me about how things are going.”

The Settle-Downer
“I’m dying to have kids. Like yesterday. Clock’s ticking, know what I mean?”

“I’m so ready to get married. I’ve already picked out everything for my registry.”

The Brutal Interviewer
“So you’ve been single for a pretty long time, huh?”

The Incredulous Inquisitor
“Hold on. You’ve really never heard of [insert name of obscure band or movie here]? That’s just crazy.”

The Profile Skeptic
“I almost walked right past you! Do you have a different haircut or something from your profile picture?”

The Back-Hander
“Let’s be honest. You’re not the type of person I normally date, but I’m ready to try something different.”

The Name Game
“Oh, you went to [insert name of college]? Do you know [random person you’ve never met]? Or [other random person you’ve never met]?”

The TMIer
"I just got over a horrible case of mono, but don't worry, I'm feeling much better now."

For another TMI moment, check out the following clip from Friends of the People:


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