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We <3 Streakers!

A naked woman streaking at a rugby match Saturday got the attention she wanted -- and then some.

The incident happened at the end of the New Zealand All Blacks' 28-9 victory over Argentina in Napier, New Zealand. Footage from the match shows one security guard lunging at the streaker's head as she kneels on the ground, before another guard tackles her forcefully.

In a moment not shown in the clip, the streaker apparently slapped New Zealand player Israel Dagg on the backside, Television New Zealand reported.

Steve Hansen, coach of the All Blacks, was not amused, wondering aloud why more preventive measures weren't taken.

“You get these lunatics who want to run onto the field and disrupt the game,” he said, per ESPN. "[The security guards] do really good tackles at the end of it, but they probably should be doing some before they get on."

The footage sparked a debate on YouTube over whether the guards were too physical with the woman.

Identified by The Sydney Morning Herald as Rose Kupa, 25, the woman was given a warning for disorderly behavior and banned from McLean Park stadium for two years. Kupa told TVNZ she had "no regrets," saying the stunt was on her bucket list.

WARNING: Video contains nudity.


This isn't the first time a beautiful woman interrupted a dignified sporting event.
Last year a woman went streaking through the Presidents Cup Golf Tournament.
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