Tips for Dicks with Violet Myers

Tips for Dicks with Violet Myers

Welcome to an all-new segment of Tips for Dicks, where we chat with one of our Fleshight Girls to get their most helpful dating and sex advice for men.

Today, we sit down with your favorite real-life hentai porn girl, Violet Myers, for a one-on-one interview.

If her name isn't immediately ringing a bell, you might be wondering…

Who Is Violet Myers?

Born in 1997, Violet Myers is a half Latina, half Turkish girl from Los Angeles, California, who has skyrocketed to porn stardom since 2020. Easily recognized by her incredible triple-D tits, big, round nips, and thick ass, it's easy to see how Violet has become one of porn's most desired ladies in very little time.

violet myers fleshlight girl

During college, Violet began building her audience on social media, frequently posting seductive images and videos that would often go viral. During this time, Violet also "cammed," earning cash stripping and masturbating for adoring fans. 

After graduating with a degree in clinical psychology, Violet decided to use her online presence to her advantage and try making it to the "big leagues" of adult entertainment. Thus, using her popular Twitter account, she tweeted a statement that would change her life forever: 

"I want to be a pornstar."

To little surprise, Ms. Meyers was heavily recruited and began shooting hardcore adult content just a few months later. 

violet myers

Now, with multiple AVN Fan Award nominations, a massive social media following, and millions of views across her ever-growing library of online pornography, it's impossible to ignore Violet's massive influence on the industry.

Let's now check out what this busty babe had to share with us in our most recent sit-down conversation earlier this year.

Tips for Dicks with Violet Myers


Tip #1: Violet's Dick Pic Tip

As you know, I'm a professional when it comes to dicks. 

So my first tip for my dicks is if you're going to take a dick picture, can you guys make sure there's nothing in the background? 

Make sure you have a good angle to try comparing it to something so we women (or men) can imagine what it looks like – the size, the girth, everything.

Tip #2: Shave Your Balls

My second tip for dicks is, can you guys shave your balls? 

You know, especially when we're, like, sucking balls, I don't like getting hairs in the back of my throat or in my mouth.

Tip #3: Clean Your Dick

Tip number three is cleaning your dick, especially my uncircumcised guys. 

If you're wondering why she's not sucking your dick, probably because it smells like cheese. To clean it, you can use hand soap.

I would recommend using feminine soaps to clean that area because they smell good. Don't let the feminine packaging distract you or intimidate you.

I think that's it, you guys!

Lastly, if you guys want to give me tips about dicks, feel free to share, I want to know – that's my job. So please let me know in the comments section (of my YouTube video).

As always, thank you for tuning into FleshLife's Tips for Dicks with Violet Myers. Experience Violet from deep within with her all-new replica masturbators "Waifu" and “Ahegao” today – click here to start shopping!

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