Timeless Toys: Build Your Own Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: Build Your Own Fleshlight

Welcome to a brand new segment of Timeless Toys! Today, we take a pause from focusing solely on one Fleshlight texture from years past and, instead, take a look at a classic website feature - Build Your Own Fleshlight. 

Having been part of Fleshlight.com for nearly two decades, “Build Your Own” takes you through a series of steps to build your customized Fleshlight. Choose the case, orifice, texture, and (optional) accessories to get what you want.

This feature has stood the test of time for a reason - it’s simple, straightforward, and it gives the beginner Fleshlight shopper precisely what they need.

Let’s get started with step one.

Step 1: Choose Your Case Color 

The very first step of the Timeless Toy feature “Build Your Own” is, of course, to choose your case. Currently, your option is the tried-and-true standard flashlight-esque case. This comes in either black or blue.

After selecting your case, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Choose Your Orifice (Pussy AKA Lady or Butt)

Again, this is a straightforward step, and it all depends upon your personal preference. 

Which orifice are you most wanting to penetrate? 

Only you know the answer to this.... 

Choose wisely - or one of each!

Step 3: Select Your Texture

Now comes the fun part of this Timeless Toys feature - which texture do you most want to feel grip your cock as you stroke back and forth?

With six options to choose from, it’s not always going to be the easiest decision to know which is the “right one” for you. 

To simplify this process, keep reading for a breakdown of each “Build Your Own” texture option.

The Destroya Texture

The Destroya texture is one of our most popular sleeve sensations of all time! Lube up and slide in - three small rings of bumps instantly await you, immediately grasping you snuggly. These are followed by Destoya’s ultra piercing pleasure dome expertly crafted to give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss. 

Keep pushing deeper as the next chamber begins with a small row of teeth and fangs that delightfully rub and pull at you. Finally, as you reach the end, one row of large bumps leads into a super ribbed texture that narrows the farther you go.

The Heavenly Texture

Heavenly ranks as one of the tighter Fleshlight sleeves in our lineup. This is due to the combination of three different chambers, extremely tight passages, and unique texture elements, such as the lotus node. 

Unlike other high-intense inserts, Heavenly is also one of the most diversified since it doesn’t utilize any texture element more than once. Instead, all these elements have one thing in common: high intensity and an excellent sense of tightness throughout. 

The Mini-Lotus Texture

The Mini-Lotus, as the name suggests, is a smaller version of the standard “Lotus” texture released years ago (although now discontinued). There’s a reason this sensation has stood the test of time for so long - it feels f*cking great!

Whether you roll with the pussy or butt orifice, you’re greeted with a small canal that is quite tight once you penetrate the Mini-Lotus. Thrust a tiny bit deeper, and another slightly wider chamber follows, relieving the pressure a bit.

Next comes the “lotus node,” located just barely a couple of inches inside the sleeve. This is a small chamber that is designed to create an intense feeling of penetration. Beyond this is a short and narrow transition that is then followed by five equal chambers that make up the rest of this sleeve.

Medium intensity and varying degrees of tightness make this one of the most realistic Fleshlights available today!

The Original (Classic) Texture

When you penetrate the Fleshlight Classic, you feel a standard snugness and a realistic feel, so pleasurable that it has stood the test of time for over 20 years.

With the Classic, you’ll instantly recognize that it was designed with one goal in mind: to imitate the feeling of the female vagina as realistically as possible – soft, smooth, and pleasurable.

In creating this original “classic” texture, the creator of Fleshlight, Steve Shubin, set out to develop a new type of male sex toy that was realistic, safe, and discreet and built to last. Primarily due to these reasons, the old “tried-and-true” Fleshlight Classic continues to be a best-seller even to this day.

The Super Tight Texture

The Super Tight texture was designed to be similar to the Original Classic with one main difference - a narrower, tighter canal.

The Super Tight does not have chambers. Just as it does not have a texture. The Super Tight is one long-drawn straight channel. The diameter is roughly half an inch in diameter, narrower than the original texture. Due to this decrease, the Super Tight fits tighter around your cock than its classic “original” predecessor. 

Because the texture does not feature any structural elements, such as bumps or ribs, the stimulation solely comes from the friction along with the patented Super Skin material, making it perfect for beginners or sensitive types.

The Wonder Wave Texture

We began selling the Wonder Wave Fleshlight back in 2012 to introduce a more authentic, realistic texture to compliment our original, smooth Classic Pink Lady sleeve. 

We designed the sleeve as one continuous channel with multiple cross-ribbed structures repeating throughout the interior. From the entrance all the way through until the end cap, the Wonder Wave is designed to entice your cock with nine inches of evenly distributed structures.

We designed this texture to focus on constant stimulation on the sides of your penis head and shaft (not just the tip), as well as a consistent suction effect to imitate the natural vaginal contractions that you experience during sex.

While thrusting in and out of the Wonder Wave, you’ll notice the pressure on your penis head varies depending on whether it is squeezed between two cross-ribs or in-between in the slightly more expansive space. 

If you’re looking for realism and pleasure all wrapped into one, the Wonder Wave sleeve will give you a fantastic return on investment.

Step 4: Select Your Accessories (Optional)

The final step of the “Build Your Own” Fleshlight feature is to select any accessories you might want or need. Choose from a lube, a sleeve warmer, a drying rack, or even a shower mount. We regularly add new Fleshlight features, so make sure to check here to shop our current stock!

Thanks for checking in on this week’s segment of Timeless Toys. Again, if you’ve made it this far, don’t hesitate, check out the “Build Your Own” feature and construct your ideal Fleshlight today!

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