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The Significance of Practicing Sexual Self-Care

Self-care is huge these days—from mental health check-ins to daily affirmations to the wellness empowerment movement. We hear about self-care routines so much that we start going blind to what self-care means and its impact on our lives.

Now, over here at Fleshlight, we’re not experts on relational self-care, and we don’t have empowering sayings, but we do know a thing or two about sexual self-care. (We’re kind of the sexperts.) 

In this article, we’ll expand on what sexual wellness care is, how to practice it, and its serious benefits. We’re committed to improving your masturbation routine and sex life. Let’s get started!  

Sexual Self-Care: What Is It?

You may not have learned this in your sex education courses, but sexual needs go beyond standard jacking off or fucking. Human beings require food, water, shelter, and proper sexual care. 

Sexual self-care is any act that engages with your sensual side, treating your body to purposeful sexual pleasure. It’s the act of prioritizing your sexual health. 

This can mean a lot of different things for different people. Some people enjoy experiencing sexual desire in a sensual bubble bath, some like reading erotica, and some like listening to a kinky podcast. 

The right methods of self-love vary, but the goal is the same. Sexual self-care is also a good way to keep safe from sexually transmitted infections (STDs/STIs) and avoid the mess that is birth control options while still receiving fulfilling sexual pleasure. 

When to Partake in Sexual Self-Care

Who needs a sexual health and practice care routine? Um, everyone? Seriously, unless you’re of the asexual and non-masturbatory persuasion, you need to prioritize your sexual well-being. 

You can partake in sexual self-care at any time. However, it can be especially beneficial in times when you’re feeling:

  • Down
  • Unsexy
  • Anxious
  • Sexually frustrated 
  • Lacking self-confidence

Want to reconnect with your sexual side? Engaging in proper sexual self-care practices is the best way to get back in the swing of things. 

Best Practices to Revolutionize Your Sexual Self-Care

Different strokes work for different folks. In the following sections, we aim to share some solid self-care options that work for many people. Read on to discover what tickles your pickle (wellness style). 

Establish a routine 

You don’t have to send yourself a calendar invite, but inventing a care routine can help. A set routine to look forward to and enjoy can make all the difference. 

This extends beyond just sexual self-care into other realms of wellness. For example, you can have one night a week dedicated purely to your favorite activities. Alternatively, you could start every morning with your favorite breakfast item. 

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, a routine can mean assessing how often you’d ideally engage in some solid self-fucking and then setting aside time every week to make it happen. Often, we struggle to deliberately make time for the things we enjoy (like a fantastic orgasm). Don’t let your sexual health fall by the wayside. Make time for it every day.   

Visit your doctor

We get it. Making doctor’s appointments and adulting is annoying and not super sexy. However, sometimes, all it takes is a clean bill of health (and a quick STD test) to let us know that our bodies are functioning as they should to get us back into the sexual mindset. 

Plus, it never hurts to get everything checked out so you’re ready for the next time you and your partner are in the mood. Are you wondering how often you should go to the doctor? This depends on your specific health situation; however, the experts at Mount Sinai Medical Center recommend the following:

  • 30 or younger (and healthy): Aim to get a checkup every two to three years. 
  • Ages 30-40: Most people in this age group should be getting an annual physical. 
  • 50 and up: You should definitely plan for annual physicals. 

As you age, disease prevention becomes more important. You may need to go in more frequently based on family history and gender for specific cancer screenings. 

The peace of mind from a clean bill of health can help you relax, bleeding over into some satisfying sexy times. 

Try new movements during sexy time

There’s nothing quite like a fun sexual experiment! Whether getting yourself off or connecting with a partner, switching up your movements, what areas you stimulate, etc., can help you shake off any uncomfortable feelings and get you back in your groove. 

With Yourself:

  • Use new sex toys
  • Try a sex toy mount
  • Tease yourself to an orgasm 
  • Try a new position (standing, on your stomach, etc.) 

With a Partner: 

  • Use new sex toys
  • Purchase sensual undies
  • Try new settings (in the shower or outside)
  • Use a blindfold

Sexual exploration is a great way to practice creativity and express yourself. Plus, the satisfaction of orgasming from something daring and new is incredible. 

Reconnect with your body

Going through the motions of life and not prioritizing sexual self-care can leave you disconnected from your sexual side. Go for a walk, hit the gym, dance it out to your favorite songs–whatever helps you reconnect with your body can amplify your mood both mentally and sexually. 

This reconnection may also take some time. Don’t be frustrated if it takes more than a few days to get back to your regular kinky self. These things take time and consistent effort. You’ll be back to jacking off like a pro in no time! 

Give yourself grace

You’re too harsh on yourself! There’s no need to self-flagellate after a missed doctor’s appointment or a skip in your masturbation routine.  

Sometimes sexual activity just isn’t in the plan for a while, and that’s completely okay! Give yourself the patience and grace to feel your feelings and slowly reconnect with yourself. (Rome wasn’t built in a day!)

Keep in mind that dips in libido are perfectly normal. There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not craving self-sex. Stress, hormones, and distractions can all work to slow down your sex drive. As your life and circumstances change, just try to relax and respond to your body’s needs. 

The moral of the story? Just chill out. 

Participate in a general self-care day

All you need is a day to take care of yourself, whether that means a long hot shower, enjoying one of your favorite hobbies, or cleaning your space to feel good. 

Reconnecting to your sexual side may be a little more complicated, but once you feel good and peaceful, this will be easier. Start off reading erotica or watching a sexy film. Surrounding yourself with sexual media can help get you back in your sexual groove. 

Take Care of Your Sexual Side with Fleshlight

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