The Best Way to Masturbate: Hands vs. Toys

From the Kama Sutra to modern-day erotica, there are plenty of tips and tricks for having great sex. However, when it comes to masturbation, there’s a definite lack of resources and tutorials. During the puberty talks of old, some educators even said not to pleasure yourself or that there were ‘incorrect’ masturbation techniques. 

When it comes to exploration and self-pleasure, the best way to masturbate is entirely up to you. What gets you going is unique and highly personal. Still, discovering what feels the best requires some innovation and a comprehensive guide. 

In this article, we will discuss the best masturbation tips and how to discover your personal premier methods. Let's get started. 

Hands vs. Toys: Which Should You Choose?

This is the main differentiator in masturbation styles: Choosing between your hands and fingers or using toys. 

There are more types of masturbation than just hands and toys. Some individuals find mind-blowing pleasure in using objects like pillows and mattresses; unique options include erotic hypnotism, shower head play, erogenous zone massage, and many more. 

However, toys and hands are by far the most common methods of self-pleasure, and each can be done using a variety of tools and techniques. Here’s what you need to know:

Masturbation With Hands: Pros and Cons

Human hands are capable of an extreme variety of tasks. They allowed our ancestors to build tools, fight wars, and craft gorgeous art. They’re also extremely helpful when getting off. 

Here are some main pros and cons of masturbating with your hands. 

Advantages of masturbation with hands:

  • Easy to Clean: Hands and fingers are extremely simple to clean. Soap up your hands, lather, rinse, and you’re ready to go. There's no need for specialty cleaners or products. However, any sex educator will tell you that you’ll still need to clean your inner thighs after the big O (ejaculation can get messy during female or male masturbation). 
  • Dexterous: By nature, our fingers and hands are nimble and can be used in a variety of situations. Imagine playing with the nerve endings in your member with one hand and teasing your backdoor with another. These are two completely different actions and movements that build sexual tension with just the hands.   
  • Discreet: Your hands are the ultimate discreet solo sex tool. Using just your hands saves you the trouble of hiding toys in a side drawer or struggling to take them on vacation with you.  
  • Non-Dominant Hand Option: Pleasuring yourself with your non-dominant hand can be tricky, but if you pull it off, the sensation feels like another person is jerking you off. 

Disadvantages of masturbation with hands: 

  • Possible Infection: We use our hands for everything, from driving to picking up groceries to yard work. The area under our fingernails can be tough to clean and risks infection in a very sensitive area. If you only masturbate with your hands, try keeping sanitizer at your bedside table to ensure a clean session.  
  • Finger Limitations: Not everyone is coordinated enough to pull off a g-spot session combined with a testicle massage, and sometimes, your fingers are too short to reach the most pleasurable parts of your body. 
  • Possible Delayed Orgasm: Fingers don’t elicit the most powerful sensations. It may take longer to get off when you’re just using your hands. 
  • Risk of Exhaustion: How long are your normal masturbation sessions? Maybe 10, 15, 25+ minutes? Your hands need tons of strength and endurance to build up the orgasm in a fun way, especially when trying different positions.  

There are plenty of benefits of masturbating with your hand, but the cons are worth considering and working around when possible. 

Masturbation With Toys: Pros and Cons

Toys are the magic key that allows you to unlock a plethora of sexual fantasies. Anything you can do with a partner, you can do with a toy (and more). But just like using your hands, toy play has some cons. Let’s get into it.  

Advantages of masturbation with toys:

  • Won’t Tire Out: Unlike your hands, a sex toy can keep going for hours. A top-tier tool will tire you out with no cramping hands. 
  • Powerful Vibrations: Masturbating with vibrations changes the game. A vibrating toy can deliver mind-blowing pleasure, plus many toys are adjustable, so you can play with the exact intensity you prefer. 
  • Simple Simultaneous Play: Toys can reach up your bum, tease your clitoris, and pulsate along your genitals, all at the same time. It’s an accessible and incredibly effective form of pleasure.  
  • Hands-free Options: Imagine sinking onto a tight artificial snatch completely hand-free. The best sex toy mounts allow you to reach the pinnacle of pleasure and convenience. Put on your favorite porno, and you’re in for a fantastic night. 

Disadvantages of masturbation with toys:

  • Less Discreet: Your sex life is private. It should involve only the people you invite into it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit harder to hide a sex toy. Nosy roommates and dedicated cleaning people may also be privy to your nighttime preferences. 
  • Tougher to Clean: Some toys are harder to keep clean than others. The quality of the toy, its intended purpose, and your cleaning schedule all have an impact. Regardless, it’s recommended to get a specialty cleaner and water-based lube. 
  • Set Lifespan: If you maintain your toys as recommended, they’ll keep pleasuring you for years. Still, all toys have a lifespan. Eventually, you’ll need to retire your favorite toys. The good news is that you get to invest in a new one, and the best kind of retail therapy is sex retail therapy, trust us. 
  • Requires Power: Not every toy will require charging or batteries. If the idea of consistently keeping your toy powered seems exhausting, then select a charge-free tool, like a simple dildo or vulva massager. However, toys that require power only need to be charged periodically. 

Toys open a whole new world of masturbation. They have their perks and quirks, but at the end of the day, they’ll deliver stunning orgasms again and again. 

So, What’s the Best Way to Masturbate? 

Now that we’ve fully discussed using hands and toys to get off, what’s the best way? The premier masturbation method is whatever works for you and your sexual health routine. 

The only thing to remember is that masturbation (whether it be with fingers or a blowjob simulator) is only one aspect of your life. Masturbating excessively means different things to different people, but here are some signs you’ve gone too far:

  1. Missing Activities: Are you habitually late for work or missing dinner with friends due to your masturbation routine? You may need to dial back. 
  2. Damaging Relationships: Masturbation is also just one part of your sex life. If your habits are getting in the way of group sexual pleasure, you may need to rethink your routine. Remember, toys can always level up your paired sex life, too. 
  3. Lack of Enjoyment: Jacking off should be fun! It’s a de-stressor that offers a host of other health benefits. Switch things up if you’re not enjoying yourself anymore. 

Toys and hands, appropriately used, can completely elevate your masturbation game and result in the ultimate self-care. Whether using hands or toys, a solo session is a form of self-love. There’s no wrong way to explore your own body and dive into a pleasurable sexual experience. 

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