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Sex Toy Names: Your A-Z Guide to Pleasure

The world of sex toys is vast, exciting, and often complex. Learning the sex toy names and functions can help you pick the best toys to add to your growing collection. 

In this article, we’ll offer a comprehensive guide to the most popular sex toys, including their names and best usage. Don’t let sex toys intimidate you. Everyone deserves to have fantastic self-pleasure sessions!

The Perks of Growing Your Sex Toy Collection

Here’s a quick tip before we get started: there is no downside to exploring your sexuality and expanding your self-pleasure horizons. From beginners to the ultra-experienced, there’s always something to learn about sex toys, and there’s always an option to spice up your pleasure. 

These are some of the specific benefits of using sex toys:

  • Enhanced pleasure: Jacking off with your hands or a trusty pillow is all good and fine, but adding a toy into the mix is a whole new world. You’ll up your pleasure like never before. 
  • New experiences: Sometimes, it’s intimidating to try new positions or sexual activities with a partner. A sex toy allows you to try things out in a safe, controlled environment. 
  • Better mood: It’s no secret that masturbation can completely elevate your mood. The best sex toys will completely alter your mindset in the best way possible. 
  • Improved sexual stamina: Often, you can use a toy to boost your sexual stamina by slowly increasing intensity levels and getting you used to different sex positions. 
  • New partner bonding: It’s exciting to try out a new toy with your partner. This new sexual experience can bond you closer and elevate your joined sex life. 

There are no downsides to picking up a brand-new sex toy. The only question is which toy you should get. 

Sex Toy Names: An A-Z Guide

Consider this your written sex educator, giving you all the insider information on the best sex toys on the market. You don’t need a sexologist’s help when the experts at Fleshlight give the best tips.

Before we dive in, it’s imperative to use each toy safely and to start slowly at the beginning. All sex toys will require the use of a silicone and body-safe lubricant. The best way to ensure you reach a toe-tingling orgasm is by treating your toy and your body with care and attention. 

Now, let’s get into the fun stuff.  

Anal Beads

This fantastic toy is designed to slot slowly into the rectum using a string of metal, glass, or silicone beads. The beads will push and pull at the anal cavity, delivering a delightful sensation. 

This toy is especially ideal for male users due to the power of the prostate (otherwise known as the male G-spot). Still, anal beads are plenty of fun for female and non-binary users. 

Think of the anal beads as an adjustable backdoor treat that can be used simultaneously with another toy or during penetrative sex. 

Butt Plugs

Ahh, the classic butt plug. These fantastic toys are small, easily transportable, and deliver near-overwhelming sensations. An anal massager requires just two things for correct usage; you need lube and an adequate size. 

The flared base will stop you from sucking the plug up where the sun doesn’t shine, but getting the plug in can be challenging if you’re a novice with a girthy plug. Make sure the butt plug is appropriately sized for your experience level, and work your way up to vibration/intense vibration modes.

At Fleshlight, our rechargeable butt plug comes with stunning vibration patterns and a user-friendly design. 

Cock Rings

There are plenty of different types of cock rings. Every single one of these toys can revolutionize your masturbation game. Here are just some of the different types:

  • Stainless steel cock rings
  • Silicone vibrating cock rings
  • Remote control cock rings

Whichever kind of device you choose, ensure it is snug over your member but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. A ring should be pleasurable for solo play, not pinchy. 


There are about a million dildos available on the modern sex toy market, and for good reason. These devices are multipurpose and tons of fun. Vibrating silicone dildos can offer stunning clitoral stimulation, while realistic dildos can ignite your kink-specific fantasies, and hands-free dildos can tease your vulva. 

At Fleshlight, the Herspot dildos and our wide variety of dildos for women are guaranteed to deliver a wonderful masturbation session and stunning g-spot stimulation. 

Kegel Balls

Okay, so we’ll be honest. These are the only sex toys in our list that aren’t 100% sex toys. In fact, kegel devices are magical, multipurpose toys that strengthen the pelvic floor and can lead to powerful orgasms. 

These toys are exclusively designed for individuals with vaginas, and they can improve sexual pleasure, sensation, and help prepare your pelvic area for sex (and even childbirth). These wearable toys also increase blood flow to the pelvic area and the clitoris. 

There are many, many different types of kegel balls. The particular toys at Fleshlight are designed to give an extra dose of sexual pleasure and are tons of fun to play around with. 

Male Masturbators

There are many, many types of male masturbators. These toys come in various materials, designs, and intended usages. However, there are three main types of male masturbators:

  • Vaginal masturbators: Modeled after a vagina, these masturbators pull at every inch, delivering a stunning orgasm. 
  • Anal masturbators: Modeled after the backdoor hole, these masturbators are perfectly crafted to simulate anal sex—offering the ideal hole to pound away at. 
  • Oral masturbators: Are you a big fan of oral sex? These male masturbators are designed to look and feel just like a mouth and throat. 

Strap-On Harnesses

This device does just what it sounds like. It’s a harness that you strap onto your pelvis and hips. These lovely toys allow women to easily attach a dildo to themselves and enjoy a night of partnered debauchery. The strap-on allows for partnered sex that includes pegging, wherein the device acts almost like a prostate massager. 

The important thing to note with any strap-on is that they should be worn for comfort and function. Make sure your new device fits snugly and won’t slip off in the heat of the moment. 


It’s hard to go wrong with a classic stroker. These powerful devices, like the Virbo line at Fleshlight, are designed to grip and tease the penis, almost like a bullet vibrator for dicks. 

These strokers are made with body-safe silicone and are some of the best toys for fun partnered play. 


There exists a large variety of vibrators for your pleasure. These toys are like a magic wand for your pussy and lead to wonderful sensations. 

  • Clitoral vibrator: Targets the clit. 
  • Wand vibrator: Designed for full insertion. 
  • Finger vibrator: Fits over a finger for fun erogenous zone play. 
  • G-spot vibrator: Designed for G-spot stimulation.

These best-selling toys just require a few tips for proper usage:

  1. If applicable, always keep an eye on battery life.
  2. If this is your first time playing with a new vibrator, take it slow and lube up.
  3. If there are different vibration settings, don’t be afraid to play around with them! 

Collect Every Sex Toy With Fleshlight

At Fleshlight, we prioritize your sexual wellness by crafting the ideal toys made for your pleasure. Unlike big box retailers like Amazon and Lelo, our toys are all made with the consumer in mind. 

Every Fleshlight toy is made in the USA and crafted to last for years. Pick up the newest trending toy at Fleshlight and grow your collection today. 

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