Prolong Your Pleasure with Male Masturbation Aids

You probably know how to jack off by now, an expert in wiping the wood and cranking one out. However, you may not be versed in prolonging your pleasure and reaching the ultimate heights of sexual self-satisfaction

That’s what masturbation aids are for. 

Also known as sex toys, these devices get the blood flow going and lead to an intense orgasm that’s almost impossible on your own. The ace in male masturbation is a sturdy toy by your side. 

In this article, we’ll expand on what precisely these aids are, their perks, and the best toys on the market now. Let’s get to some sexual learning!

What are Masturbation Aids?

Great question! These can be anything from a toy that helps you get off better than your hands to a device that helps prolong your pleasure if you suffer from disorders such as erectile dysfunction. 

Massagers take many different shapes and sizes, from vibrators to dildos to hands-free strokers. When shopping for a masturbation aid, look for devices that have the following features:

  • Made with body-safe silicone
  • Compatible with mass-market lube
  • Can stand up to repeated genital exposure (durable)
  • Easily rechargeable or battery-free
  • From a reputable supplier (stay away from stores like Amazon)

The best male sex toy aids have all these features and give you powerful orgasms over and over again.   

The Perks of Adding Masturbation Aids to Your Solo Play

Giving yourself a hand job feels good, but don’t you want to experience the next level of pleasure? These self-sex aids are like mini sex dolls that perfectly get you off. 

Perks include:

  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Hands-free experience
  • Prolonged ejaculation
  • Fetish fulfillment 
  • Simulated penetrative sex

Masturbation should be fun, exciting, and mind-blowing. With these aids, it will be. 

Get Your Freak On with These Male Masturbation Aids

Read on to discover the best masturbation aids available. You’re in for the penis pump of a lifetime. 

The Turbo 

This masturbation sleeve is otherworldly. The Turbo is designed with three entry points, simulating the mouth, tongue, and throat. 

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Ideal oral sex simulator 
  • Perfect for girthy men

Add in some lubricant, and the Turbo makes it feel like you’re getting actual head, except there’s no risk of snaggletooth. Have you experienced a bad blowjob, and now receiving oral is less than ideal?

The Turbo will help replace your lousy experience with memories of pleasurable head. It helps you to receive great top again without going limp. 

Here’s a tip: Only use water-based lube with the Turbo (and most other Fleshlights) to keep the machine functioning well. 

The Quickshot Vantage

This is a compact, clear stroker that allows you to watch your dick sink through the device. It’s an incredibly immersive experience. 

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Great for travel 
  • Ideal for girths 4 1/2-inches or less 

A Quickshot Vantage is also the ideal travel buddy since its ergonomic design makes it easy to fit in your carry-on. Plus, watching your member slip into the Quickshot is almost a BDSM-like experience. 

The Classic Fleshlight

You’ve heard of it, you’ve wanted it, and we don’t blame you. The classic Fleshlight is a revolutionary device that transforms a regular masturbation session into a mind-blowing experience. 

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Simulates a vagina precisely 
  • Comes with discreet outer packaging

The inner sleeve feels exactly like a real pussy. After practicing with this toy, you’ll be lasting for ages during standard intercourse and hitting your partner’s g-spot like a pro. We’re not playing sex games with you—this sex toy is worth the hype. 

The Ice Lady

Like getting your dick choked? Crave the sweet pressure of an ultra-tight vagina? Well, then, the Ice Lady is for you.

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Like having an anaconda wrapped around your dick
  • A clear case for an extra-sensual experience

This toy perfectly simulated a tight snatch, making it simple to train your penis to last longer with your partner. The sleeve is ribbed and made with our patented 100% phthalate-free SuperSkin™ material so it can take a beating.   

The Flight Series

The Flight series is like the fighter jet of Fleshlights. It’s big, powerful, and can easily go unnoticed. 

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Doesn’t call attention to itself 
  • Can be adapted to a shower mount

The dark design and nondescript case mean it can be stored in plain sight. It’s annoying to worry about your roommates seeing your midnight friend or your partner judging your masturbation habits. The Flight is so subtle that it goes completely ignored. 

This powerful toy can also be combined with an adapter and made into the perfect shower companion. Imagine sinking your dick into a tight cavity while the warm water and steam wash over you. 

That’s the magic of the Flight series. 

The Quickshot Turbo

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Quickshot Turbo. This charming, icy blue device is specially designed to bring you ultimate pleasure. 

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Perfect for travel 
  • Easy to grip

Like all Quickshot line products, the Quickshot Turbo has a unique selling feature we haven’t mentioned yet. It’s the perfect blowjob companion. Imagine sliding into this tight device while your partner sucks your head. 

The short nature of the Turbo makes this easy to accomplish. We warn you, though. Once you get top with the Turbo, you’ll never want to go back to anything else. 

The Ice Butt

This full-size Fleshlight is the ideal toy for some legit anal fucking. Plus, the clear case and sleeve allow you to get an eyeful of all the action. 

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Excellently simulated anal sex
  • Sturdy and designed to last

The Ice Butt has an inner sleeve that feels just like an anal orifice, from the puckered entrance to the ultra-ribbed interior. Have you wanted to try anal sex, but your partner isn’t interested? The Ice Butt delivers all the sensations you’ve been missing. 

The Quickshot Pulse

This handy little sex toy packs a big punch. Unlike the other Quickshot toys, the Quickshot Pulse has a unique ribbed design. 

Perks of this masturbation aid:

  • Novel texture that simulates the dick skin
  • Great for travel

Like all Quickshots, this toy is ideal for those with an on-the-go lifestyle. It has a compact, clear case that keeps things neat and sanitary. It also has sleeve caps for both ends that make storage even easier. 

You’ve got to try it out to truly understand why the Quickshot is a bedroom drawer staple for men across America. 

Finish Strong with a Little Aid from Fleshlight

Masturbation aids come in all shapes and sizes, and picking the perfect one for you can be tricky. So, why choose just one? 

The entire Fleshlight collection will bring you to your knees and revolutionize your masturbation game forever. We aim to please here at Fleshlight, so the toys mentioned in this article are only a fraction of our offerings. 

We have sex toys for every kind of kink, preference, and fantasy. Don't hesitate. Start your journey to an elevated masturbation routine today with Fleshlight.

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