Malek Lazri: Fleshlight Artist Extraordinaire

Malek Lazri: Fleshlight Artist Extraordinaire

"This is it. This is the holy grail...only one of four of these in existence!"  

-Malek Lazri (referencing his original Bug's Life-inspired Fleshlight design)

Last year, at the start of the pandemic, Austin-area artist, Malek Lazri, created a disturbing Fleshlight mash-up with Pixar's caterpillar, Heimlich, from the movie Bug's Life, and promoted it widely on social media, eBay, and Craigslist.



While bizarre and totally unexpected, his creativity, ingenuity, and enthusiasm were (and have remained) appreciated. 

Since unveiling his first boundary-breaking "promotional item," Lazri has continued to produce further work that walks a fine line between pop art and psychological warfare.

Since we last saw him, the talented (and horny) local artist hasn't stopped honing his craft and continues to push his creativity to its utmost limit.

In fact, in April, Vice caught up with Lazri and highlighted some of his most recent work. 

According to Lazri, he "just figured it was [his] duty to keep giving people what they wanted" after his Bug's Life Fleshlight "was such a big hit."  

"I'd be missing an opportunity to continue a long line of rare units," he went on to say.

Needless to say, the quirky Fleshlight artist is here to stay. With help from an airbrush artist and tailor, he is the creative director and brains behind this little operation. 

Malek gets a kick out of sharing his finished products on social media for the world to see. Unfortunately for him, however, he's now been permanently booted from TikTok, where sexual content isn't allowed. Despite this, Lazri continues to post regularly on Instagram to his 20k + followers.

Malek Lazri's Fleshlights

Unlike last year's original Bug's Life Fleshlight, all of Lazri's newest creations seem to be "fully functional." 

Would we suggest one ever actually put their dick inside one? 

Definitely not. With any masturbation toy, you want to ensure to only engage with the best body-safe materials on the market. 

With that being said, we think it's safe to assume Malek is doing this much more for the artistic outlet and hilarious entertainment rather than to create a functional male stroker. 

Let's take a peek at some of his most recent projects. 

The Cinderella Ugly Step-Sister Glass Slippa Footjob Fleshlight

If you've ever fantasized about slipping your dick in between (or in this case, inside) a mangled foot, this sex toy monstrosity just might be for you. 

Foot fetish bros, don't sleep on this one.



The Jessica Rabbit Fleshlight

Fitted with a custom case and a purple sleeve that features a pair of thick, red, puckered lips, Lazri hints this might be his favorite of the bunch. 

During Vice's interview, he stated, "That's [Jessica Rabbit] my low-key crush… None of them are really sexual to me [though]—it's more about like, a continuation of merchandising…" 


Mrs. Incrediball Stuck Stepmom Fleshlight 

If you've ever watched Pixar's "The Incredibles," you'll likely remember the "thicc" female lead, Elasticgirl. Well, apparently, Lazri isn't the only fan to have impure thoughts about Mrs. Incredible since he had the idea to design this doozy. 



The Shrek Ear Fleshlight

Admit it, while the idea of even joking about putting your dick inside Shrek's ear is deranged and weird, it's also comical and wildly clever.  


Equipped with a green exterior and signature tight-fitting leather vest, this is the Shrek-inspired Fleshlight you never asked for. 



Although his Fleshlight artistry has mostly been a passion project thus far, Lazri decided to take advantage of the NFT boom this year and mint a couple of his creations on the blockchain: the Ugly Stepsister slipper, and the original holy grail, the Bug's Life Fleshlight. Both are priced at 2 Ether, or (as of May 2021) around $6000. 

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