Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Abella Danger

Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Abella Danger



Welcome to another segment of Fleshlife’s Q&A where we sit down with our Fleshlight Girls for an exclusive, one-on-one interview and learn more about who they are. In today’s interview, we sit down with the sensual Abella Danger,

If you’re a porn fan, you likely have some of Ms. Danger’s work scattered throughout your browsing history.  

At just 19 years of age, in 2014, Abella came on to the scene and took the industry by storm with her beautiful face, big booty, tight body, insane flexibility, and, most importantly, a willingness to do almost ANYTHING on set.

Since first stepping in front of the camera, Ms. Abella Danger has been critically acclaimed for her work in the adult industry. 

In 2016 she won Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards, the XBIZ Awards, and the XRCO awards. And, in 2017, she won the award for Best Star Showcase at AVN, which was for one of her first features called “Abella.” Finally, she’s also won an AVN award for Best VR Scene.

Needless to say, she’s a forward-thinking girl who jumps on the opportunity to try something new every chance she gets. 

It’s now time to dive into our exclusive sit-down Q&A interview where we learned a bit more about our beautiful young star. Check out the video below or simply keep reading to see what she had to say.


What is Your Favorite Part About Being a Fleshlight Girl?

“My favorite experience so far as a Fleshlight Girl (besides actually getting molded) is

hearing all the reactions of people that own my Fleshlight-how much they love it, 

how good it feels, and how they really feel that it's like true to my own vagina.”

If You Could Be Any Animal What Would You Be?

“If I was an animal I would be a puppy because they're really cute and sweet, but they're kind of all over the place.”

What Celebrity Needs a Fleshlight?

“Out of all the mainstream stars, I definitely think Lizzo should have a Fleshlight because she just screams sex and confidence.”

Do You Have Any Hidden Talents? 

“I guess my hidden talent is being able to do tumbling. 

“So, I can do backflips, aerials, and flips in the air for people that aren't really familiar with what it is. It’s definitely like a passion of mine. I do it two hours a day whenever I’m back home in Miami and I really love it.”

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush? 

“I definitely have my share of celebrity crushes. I would have to say my female celebrity crush is Scarlett Johansson. She's so timeless and gorgeous. I’m obsessed with her.

“I would say that my male crush is Bradley Cooper. He’s...I mean, I don't even have to explain. He's Bradley Cooper.”

Would You Date Someone Who Slid Into Your DMs?

“I would definitely date someone if they slid into my DMs, but I don't think my current girlfriend

would appreciate that so much.

“I would if I was single and they were really hot.”

What Would Be the Title of Your Biography?

“My autobiography would definitely be called Danger She Wrote.”

This has been another segment of Fleshlife Q&A. If you want to fully explore the ins and outs of Abella Danger, make sure to pick up her exclusive, molded-to-perfection Fleshlight here!

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