F*ck Like a Pornstar with Johnny Sins

F*ck Like a Pornstar with Johnny Sins



Welcome to another segment of “F*ck Like a Pornstar” where we interview one of our Fleshlight Girls (or Guys) and deep dive into all things sex–what they like on and off set and, of course, what they recommend in order for you too to be able to fuck like a pornstar. 

In today’s interview, we sit down with our newest Fleshlight Guy, the legendary Johnny Sins, for a one-on-one chat. 

Pull out your notepad, guys. Sex Ed Professor Johnny is here to teach you a thing or two. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Fleshlight: Johnny, thank you for joining us today. We really appreciate you taking the time. 

First question: What are your top 3 favorite positions?

“My top three favorite positions are missionary, cowgirl, and 69 – in that order.  

“Missionary is my favorite and my go-to position when it’s time for me to cum! I like to be the dominant one on top and in control. I like to stare into their soul, right through the eyes, as I thrust deep inside with all my body weight pressing against them. 

“My second favorite is cowgirl. I like to hold on to her waist while I’m thrusting and grab her booty or tits when she’s fucking me back.  

“Since I love to eat pussy, 69 comes in third.

“It’s just so many sensations at once. It’s fun to see how your partner changes going faster and slower when they are receiving pleasure or orgasming!”

Many guys out there are always looking for the best techniques to get their girls off. What is your top, most important one that guys can and should incorporate?

“First off, every person is different so you have to find out their spots and what makes them orgasm. I’m really good at finding this out within the first few minutes because I pay attention. 

“I basically take all of the things they like and overwhelm them with pleasure until they orgasm. For instance, a girl that has a sensitive g-spot, I can hit the g-spot really well in cowgirl, combine that with rubbing her clit, playing with her ass, grabbing her tight by the waist, holding her close, and kissing her neck all at the same time will most likely send them over the top.”

What are a few tricks you use to last longer in bed?

“Personally, I don’t like to cum. 

“Don’t get me wrong, it's great and everything, but I love sex. And, once I cum the sex is over. I try to hold out as long as possible using the following techniques: 

“Sex is all mental. Your head controls what your body feels. You have the power to manipulate that feeling in your head. 

“Feeling like you’re about to cum? Focus your mind on something else, because where your mind goes the energy will flow. Whether it's focusing on a different part of your body or something external, think about something not sexual. I even recommend trying some mental math. And then, once that ‘getting close’ feeling starts to go away, focus back on what’s happening and enjoy it! 

“If it's too much sensation and something like ‘mental math’ isn’t working, just stop. I’ll stop deep inside and pause for a few seconds until that “close feeling” goes away and then start again slowly. 

“If all else fails just pull out, give your partner head while the feeling dissipates, and then get back in there until you’re ready to cum!”


What do you think about bringing sex toys into the bedroom to spice things up? 

What’s your favorite one that you’ve ever used?

“Sex toys are a great addition to anyone looking to spice up their sex life. It’s no secret that guys cum faster than girls do so you can use a toy on her to get her off first. 

“Sometimes your partner will need more stimulation to cum than you can give, so incorporating a toy can push your partner over the edge! 

“Maybe you're in a monogamous relationship, but you still want to experiment with double penetration? Use a dildo while fucking her to give her that fantasy. 

“Toys aren’t just for girls either, there are lots of amazing toys out there for guys. One of my favorite toys to use is a cock ring. They keep the blood in your dick and make you super hard and sensitive. Some even vibrate giving you and your partner even more sensation.” 

What is one thing that you’ve done in your films that you prefer not to do with a partner you’re in a relationship with? 

“Share! I’m pretty greedy and like to have it all to myself.”

In porn, it’s common for guys in the industry to finish on a girls’ face, mouth, or chest… What do you like in your personal life? What do you think most women honestly prefer? 

“I used to work for a director that would say, ‘If it's not on the face, it's not a cumshot!’ In my personal life, however, that is the last thing I want to do unless they are asking for it. 

“If I’m with my partner, someone I trust or using a condom, I prefer creampies. In fact, orgasming together with your partner at the same time is one of the most intense sexual experiences you can share together. 

“If it's not with a trusting partner, I will generally just pull out and cum all over her stomach, butt, etc. It’s usually too far to get to her face in the heat of the moment anyway! 

“If a woman likes the taste of cum, or just your cum, I think she would prefer to taste you and have it in her mouth. If she doesn't like the taste of cum, I think she would prefer a creampie or just all over.” 


Do you think most women are into “dirty talk?” Can you give us an example of a phrase that seems to consistently work for you?

“I’m pretty quiet during sex. When I do dirty talk, it's generally to tell her how good she feels or how much I like it. 

“Dirty talk is great though, sometimes it will push your partner over the edge of an orgasm if they like what you're saying! I’m happy that guys in scenes don’t have to talk that much. It's usually up to the girl to do the talking in the scene.  

“Honestly, you have to be somewhat good at dirty talking or it can really be a distraction more than a turn-on.” 

What recommendation do you have for guys when it comes to “getting rough” in the bedroom?

“First off, talk to your partner and find out how rough is acceptable. Talk about your do’s and don’ts beforehand, come up with a safe word or way to slow down if it is too rough for the other person. Once you’ve established boundaries, start gently, and then increase the roughness. 

“For example gently pull her hair, gently put your hand on her throat, give them a few gentle slaps, you can judge by the reaction if they want more or less. Also, let your partner know to be vocal if they want it harder, choke me harder, fuck me harder are things I often hear. 

“Just never assume someone wants to be roughed up during sex.”

Last question. We’ve all heard it before: “size matters.” What is one other thing you think women care most about when it comes to sex?

“Size matters to some girls, but not all. Some prefer not to get rammed by a giant dick all the time, so small to average-size guys, you’re in luck! 

“I’ve been with girls that only cum from deep penetration so yes, for them size matters. Most girls cum from g-spot or clitoris stimulation anyway so a giant dick isn’t really needed, but it sure is cool to have one! 

“I think the one thing women care most about when it comes to sex is that you focus on them and not yourself.” 

We hope you’ve found some valuable and actionable tips in this segment of “F*ck Like a Pornstar.” If you, your girl, or someone you know loves Johnny Sins as much as we do here at Fleshlight, make sure to pick up his replica dildo here!

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